Have You Been Dismissed From Work? Know The Difference Between Fair And Unfair Dismissal

Losing a job can be a scary time for anyone, especially if you believe you were wrongfully dismissed. When you are fired, you may think that you deserve another chance or your employer was too harsh or unfair to you. 

In such times, the law allows you to file a claim of unfair dismissal against your employer to protect your rights. However, it can sometimes become challenging to understand the difference between what is fair and unfair. If you need help, you can hire a business litigation attorney in Clearwater, FL

What Is Unfair Dismissal?

Unfair dismissal refers to the dismissal of an employee by an employer without an acceptable or no reason at all. Even if the employer had a reasonable reason, the termination might still be called unfair if it was not carried out using a proper procedure. For example, some states require the employer to issue a notification 30 days prior. 

This law, however, is not applicable in Florida. Therefore, if your employer has dismissed you for an acceptable reason without warning, they are within their rights to do so. 

What Makes A Dismissal Fair?

A fair dismissal involves terminating an employee for valid and legal reasons and acting reasonably during the procedure. The Employment Rights Act 1996 mentions five fair grounds for dismissal. There are as follows. 


Every workplace has a written set of rules known as the “Code Of Conduct,” which describes employees’ acceptable and unacceptable behaviors during work. If an employee fails to abide by these rules, the employer is allowed to fire them. Misconduct may include theft, fraud, harassment, or a series of minor offenses. 


A situation of redundancy often occurs when a business is going through a stressful time or is downsizing. When a company suffers from losses, it may have to terminate a few employees for two reasons. First, they may be unable to afford their salaries, and secondly, there might not be enough work for everyone. 


When employees are physically or mentally unfit to perform their job duties, they have to be dismissed as they are not contributing anything to the company. However, dismissal cannot occur straight away. The employer first must take steps to support their employee to do the job. 

Statutory Restriction

If doing your job is considered a breach of law, your employer has all rights to terminate you. For example, suppose you work as a pizza delivery man/woman, and you lose your driving license for some reason. Then, it would be illegal to drive a vehicle.

Some Other Substantial Reason (SOSR)

Employers may rely on this reason when the other ones do not apply to their situation. For example, the employee may face years of imprisonment or refuse to accept the new terms of the Code Of Conduct. 


Why you should use a forex demo account

There are many reasons to use a forex demo account, but one of the main ones is that if you are new to trading, it’s the best way to learn. Most brokers have demo accounts that you can use for free. Some of them let you trade with fake money so that when you start trading with real money, there is less risk involved.

Let’s get started and see why inexperienced traders should take advantage of the opportunity to test their platforms and practice on a free demo account. Check out this site for some info on how the pros do this.

What Is a Forex Demo Account, and Why Do You Need One?

A forex demo account lets traders test their strategies in a natural trading environment without putting any actual money at risk. It also allows you to get started with free online trading almost immediately, allowing you to develop your trading abilities before risking real money.

Many novices begin by opening a Forex demo account as their first online trading account to understand what trading the currency market is like and get used to Forex and stockbrokers, platforms, and techniques they are utilizing. In other words, a demo account provides investors with many more appealing features than simply trying out their trading skills.

Contrary to popular perceptions, trading is not a child’s game.

Trading offers a lot of potential for making money, but there is also a substantial amount of risk; as brokers frequently emphasize, losses on leveraged goods may exceed your deposits in almost every case. As a result, budding traders must take advantage of when brokers provide them with the opportunity to test their platforms and access free charge demo accounts.

Test-drive investing before you sign up

A Forex demo account is similar to receiving free Forex training; thus, it allows novices to put their abilities to the test without risking any real money by trading with simulated cash. After all, the most successful individuals in any industry are those who have gained new skills and practised them diligently – and this goes for Forex traders as well.

You may outgrow your demo trading experience with some of the finest free Forex trading platforms accessible.

Calculate the Maximum Quantity You Can Trade

You can trade it if you’ve learned how to calculate lot sizes, which means you’re halfway there. The lot size is also crucial, especially for inexperienced traders. The smallest quantity of an asset you may trade in a single order is known as your lot, which means the larger it is, the greater the risk exposure.

You can also utilize the lot system to standardize price quotes, allowing investors to determine how many units they’re acquiring with each contract and the price per unit.

Reliable Support

Another essential feature that a novice trader should check is how helpful and responsive the support is. Traders are encouraged to perform the same activities they would in any other industry. Like every other department, the support service is essential and will assist traders with technological difficulties, forgotten passwords, and money withdrawal or deposits issues.

Because the market is decentralized and operates around the clock, excluding weekends, your Forex broker must be accessible at all times.

Brokers may allow you to start a discussion and inquire about anything within the demo platform. In contrast, most reputable traders maintain call centres where operators can help you if your internet connection goes down while in a trading session.

In conclusion

Whether you’re just getting started with brokers or learning the ropes of forex trading, practice trading may be a beneficial method of providing a secure trading environment.

You should be aware of frequent problems, such as setting unrealistically high standards or developing a trigger-happy trading finger. Still, practice trading is one of the most valuable weapons in the arsenals of both experienced and inexperienced traders. Whether or not your new method works, you must never forget that trading with a practice/demo account is significantly different from actual trading money.


When You Know It’s Time To Find A New Job

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Hiring a New Jersey employment lawyer? Ask the right questions

Were you denied a promotion because of your age? Did you suffer sexual discrimination at work? Do you have a case of wrongful termination? You are not alone. Workplace discrimination and harassment incidents are way too common, and it would not be unfair to say that many cases are never reported. It takes considerable courage for an employee to stand against an employer or manager. There shouldn’t be any consequences of doing the “right thing”, but unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. If you believe you have a valid discrimination case, talking to a New Jersey employment lawyer can help. Here are some questions to ask. 

How long have you been an employment lawyer? Do you have a conflict of interest?

Not all lawyers work for injured and harassed employees. If the same law firm takes up cases on behalf of employers and employees alike, you may want to check for other options. An employment lawyer should have the experience and expertise to represent your case. You can ask about their top settlements and landmark cases. Although many cases are settled outside of court, never hire an employment lawyer without knowing about their experience of representing clients at trial. 

What is your evaluation of my cases? What are the evident merits and demerits?

Most employment lawyers and attorneys in New Jersey offer free case evaluation for clients. This could be your big window to know the worth of your claim. Also, just because you feel something doesn’t mean you have a legal case. For example, if a supervisor made a random sexist remark, it would be impossible to prove the case unless you have recorded evidence. Some cases are not worth pursuing, both in terms of outcome and the settlement. Your lawyer should set realistic goals and expectations for the entire matter. 

How much would it cost to hire you?

Employment lawyers often work on a contingency fee, where they offer a no-win-no-fee warranty. The lawyer only asks for the fee if they win a financial settlement. However, there could be other expenses in the case. Ask the attorney about the costs of pursuing your case to prepare financially for all possible contingencies. 

Finally, ask the lawyer if they are available. Many attorneys pass the work to associates and juniors, and that can ruin your prospects. You need a lawyer who can actually make time to push for your interests.


Why do you need a proxy server? Application methods

Keeping anonymity on the Internet becomes more and more difficult from year to year, and it may be needed to achieve various goals. Among them, getting access to the site after being banned by IP, the ability to register on a blocked resource, and much more.

To implement this plan, you can use proxies from, where they are sold at low prices. As a result, the user becomes anonymous, alters his identity, and gets access to blocked content. Ignoring the opportunity becomes the reason for the lack of access to blocked sites.

How to use a proxy

Proxy server technology works according to a fairly simple principle:

  • The user sends a request to the proxy to gain access to the target site;
  • The proxy redirects this request on its own behalf;
  • The target site perceives the proxy as an end user, so it sends the necessary content;
  • The proxy redirects the result to the user.

To use the technology, it is enough to buy and connect a proxy. Everything else will happen automatically when you visit sites. You can select proxies that are located in your country, but in this case, the user will not get access to resources blocked throughout the territory.

An alternative option is to use foreign proxies. In this case, the user gains access to sites blocked throughout the territory.

In the days of low speed internet, users might suffer from slower speeds, but in today’s world this disadvantage no longer exists. The speed of the Internet connection has increased so much that the user does not even notice the time that is additionally spent on connecting to the proxy server.

Proxies are a reliable tool for maintaining anonymity on the Internet. If a user needs an easy way to gain access to a site that has been banned by IP, using a proxy becomes the easiest way to achieve the goal.

For a higher degree of anonymity, it is recommended to use alternative means like the Tor browser. However, most users do not need such a high degree of anonymity, and in this case more settings are needed, so a proxy becomes an ideal option.

An additional advantage is that the user can always pick up a new proxy from another country.


Effects of Social Media On Your Family Law Case

If used carefully, Facebook, Instagram, or any form of social media is a great platform to share updates, news, photos, and videos with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Lawyers are increasingly using social media to dig up information and collect evidence to use in court. Information from social media may be used for or against you, depending on the type of content you and the defendant put there. 

Family law cases can be personal. It would help you the best if you found a good lawyer to protect your rights. If you’re questioning yourself, “Where can I find a lawyer who can handle my family law issues?” you can contact The Law Office of Amanda J. Cook. 

How does social media affect different family law cases?


If you’re a divorced parent involved in your child’s custody case, it is crucial to maintain a good profile offline and online. Raising a child is seen as a big responsibility and is only given to people who seem capable of handling a child. 

Suppose your social media is filled with posts of you and your current partner or your friends partying all night, drinking alcohol, and taking other types of drugs. In that case, it proves that you’re unfit to raise a child on your own, and you prioritize your social life more than spending time with your kids. 

Alimony and child support

In divorces, husbands are usually required to send a certain amount to their ex-wives as financial support for their kids and themselves. This is called alimony and child support. The paying spouse is required to pay 40% of their net income as alimony. And child support is decided separately. 

Your social media posts are used as evidence against you in court which influences the amount you need to pay to your ex. Further, you won’t be allowed to claim that you aren’t able to afford alimony. 

How to make use of social media in your favor

Anything found on social media from the official account of your ex is considered as written evidence. This evidence can help make your case more substantial, and you may have a higher chance of winning. If you have access to your ex’s social media, make sure you collect all the evidence that might be beneficial for you in court. 

Hiring a lawyer and consulting them will help you collect the correct type of evidence. A lawyer can also help you be careful about what you post on social media and prevent your case from weakening. 


Civil Rights Violation in Atlanta: Do You Need a Lawyer?

Every person has some rights, and they’re called, ‘human rights.’ You have a right to liberty, life, and property in the United States. When the government intervenes and writes certain laws to protect the rights, then it’s called, ‘civil rights.’ When these rights get violated, getting in touch with an Atlanta civil rights attorney becomes important. 

Here’s an article that sheds light on civil rights violations and why you need a lawyer to fight your case. Keep reading! 

Defining Anti-discrimination Rights 

Most of the anti-discrimination laws in the United States protect people against discrimination. The main categories are: 

  1. Sex
  2. Color 
  3. Race 
  4. Religion 
  5. National origin 

The anti-discrimination laws help in protecting people in different areas such as housing, education, public accommodation, and employment. If you feel you have been discriminated against here, it is best to file a complaint. There are some people who sue the individual or a business for such discrimination. It causes psychological, economic, physical, and sociological damage. 

Other Types of Civil Rights 

There are other types of civil rights that are constitutionally protected. Here’s a list:  

  • Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press, and protest. 
  • Right to equal protection, attorney, and due process. 

If any of your rights have been violated, don’t sit still. Civil rights are basic rights and nobody can violate them. In case someone is violating these civil rights, there is a heavy penalty. Some cases go unnoticed, but with the right attorney by your side in Atlanta, you will be able to get the desired compensation. 

When to File a Civil Right Violation Case? 

Understand the laws that protect you from different civil rights violations. 

Even if it’s the government that is harming you and violating your right to life, property, or liberty, you can take legal action. In case an employer is harassing you sexually or mentally, this is also a civil rights violation. 

Police brutality and gender/race/nationality discrimination is also a violation of such rights. 

Make up your mind, speak the truth, and get an experienced attorney onboard. If you live in Atlanta and your civil rights have been violated, you can get in touch with a civil rights attorney. They will sit down, understand your situation, and then take the necessary steps. 

As for the compensation, the degree of violation will determine what is fair. Civil rights violation causes emotional distress, medical attention, punitive damages, and much more. 

The compensation will include lost earnings, lawyer’s fee, medical expenses, and much more. All you have to do is get in touch with an experienced lawyer and tell them about your situation.  


How Do You Become an Investment Banker?

Many business and finance students are attracted to the career of investment banking. Although business and finance school graduates can succeed well in many careers, those who want to pursue investment banking — such as the highly paid and sought-after professionals described in this article — will need exceptional business acumen and financial skills.

Here’s everything you need about how to prepare to become an investment banker if you are interested in this role.

What does an investment banker do?

Many financial institutions around the globe have investment bankers as key players, including well-respected financial banks like Chase and Bank of America.

This role is primarily focused on identifying financial risks that are associated with business operations in order to save time and money for companies such as banks and other non-profit organizations. Other responsibilities include helping with acquisitions, mergers, and sales; curating documentation and data for companies that are going public; and planning and pricing financial investment.

Why should I pursue a career in investment banking?

Investment banker jobs offer many benefits.

The average salary often starts at more than $100K, and can reach six figures after bonuses, career jumps, and other perks are factored in.

You’ll also be put your business skills to work in a high-pressure atmosphere, which will undoubtedly make you a desirable candidate for many recruiters as you gain experience. Apart from your accounting and finance skills, you will also develop unique “soft skills” like interpersonal communication and networking, which will serve you well in any industry.

Working in investment banking will open up endless career opportunities and professional growth. You’ll be able to make valuable connections and interact with the top financial players, which could lead to a promotion to a high-ranking position such as department vice president other managerial positions.

How do I get a job as an investment banker?

Of course, it’s not easy to get a job in the highly competitive and challenging field of investment banking. The acceptance rate at large firms is similar to that at prestigious MBA programs — often less than five percent.

With determination and the right skills, however, you can break into this field and launch a career.

These are the key steps to follow:

  • Learn the right skills: Having an advanced degree such as an MBA should make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Recruiters will recognize that you have experience in the business world. They will also know that you have developed your skills to be a successful investment banker. These include an entrepreneurial mindset as well as networking leadership and analytical skills.
  • Get an internship at an investment bank firm: You’ll probably have the chance to do an internship during your undergraduate and graduate work. It stands to reason that an investment banking company is the best choice if you want to become an investment banker. You will be able to gain valuable experience in the field and get a head start in the recruitment process.
  • Continue to network. Networking is vital in every industry. It’s a great place to begin if you are looking for a job at a particular company. Keep your LinkedIn up-to-date and go to as many networking events in person or online as possible. They’re a great way for you to make life-changing connections and get noticed by potential recruiters and employers.
  • Begin studying for the right qualifications. To start your career as an investment banker, you will likely need to pass the Investment Banking Representative Exam or the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam. After you have been invited to interview, ask the recruiters what qualifications you would like to attain and get started preparing. You don’t want a job that isn’t top-notch.

These are just a few of the ways to pursue a job in investment banking, but they are excellent starting points.


Car Crash In Wyoming: When Do You Need An Attorney?

Driving is inherently risky. If you were injured in a crash in Wyoming, you need to evaluate your options to seek compensation for your damages. When no one is at fault, you can file a claim with your insurer and expect a fair settlement. Wyoming is a fault state. If the other driver was reckless, negligent, or speeding, you must file the claim with their insurer. Winning a settlement for car accident claims isn’t the easiest thing. In this post, we are sharing the reasons and circumstances when you definitely need a Wyoming personal injury lawyer

You know nothing about Wyoming car accident laws

Wyoming’s contributory negligence laws are different. If you are at fault, and your fault share is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything from the other driver’s insurance company. There is also a statute of limitations, which gives you four years to file a lawsuit if you cannot settle through negotiations with the other party and their insurer. When you know nothing about the state laws, it is wise to get an attorney on your side. 

You sustained injuries and permanent disabilities 

Some car crashes have awful consequences. If your injuries are severe or can impact your ability to live a normal life, you should consider calling an attorney. In such circumstances, the compensation should cover your future losses and extensive medical treatments. An attorney can check all details, gather evidence, and take steps to get a higher settlement. Immediately after the crash, you need time to recover, and having an attorney can minimize your stress considerably. 

You were also at fault

As we mentioned, the comparative negligence rule in the state makes it impossible for someone to recover compensation when they are majorly at fault. Even when you are not entirely at fault, the at-fault party’s insurance company may try to pin the blame. In the worst-case scenario, they may deny your claim. Get an attorney to protect your rights and interests. 

Cost of hiring an injury lawyer in Wyoming 

Most injury lawyers take crash claims on a contingency fee. The lawyer gets paid when they win a settlement. You don’t have to worry about immediate costs, and if there are other expenses, your injury lawyer can pay on your behalf until you are paid. Evidently, seeking legal representation doesn’t have to be about additional financial distress. 

Hire an injury lawyer now to know more about your claim. 


The Cost Of Downtime In Manufacturing

The Cost Of Downtime In Manufacturing 1
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