Email hunting: how to find out a mail address


It’s time to rethink the existing business strategy. Today, in order to contact a specific person,
it is no longer necessary to look for a phone number or a face-to-face meeting. It’s much
easier to hunt down the email address and send the appropriate request with an email.
This feature comes in handy because preparing a message for a specific recipient allows attracting more customers. The development of technology makes it possible to quickly search
for an address and ask the question of interest even to strangers. For this purpose, it is
possible to use several useful tools.
Find any email: modern working methods
It can be necessary to write a message to the head of a company or other official person in
different circumstances. However, it is worth remembering that finding a business email
address does not mean obtaining an answer to a request or offer. According to statistics, only
9% of newsletters get a response.
Modern technologies make it possible to contact almost anyone, but it takes a little bit of
work. The easiest and most common way is to visit a personal website or Internet page.
Users often forget about simple solutions, so it is worth starting with the most obvious one.
Most often the contact information is placed in the “About Us” and “Contacts” tabs. In some
cases, it is suggested to ask a question to an employee and get an answer by personal email.
Subscribing to a newsletter from a company of interest is another obvious way to take a step
toward marketing with email. The recipient (you) can get a firsthand look at basic
information about the company and use the information to his advantage (making an email
with the right message).
The contact forms on the company website are designed to communicate with potential
clients and partners. Whatever services you are offering, it is worth taking this opportunity to
establish contact with the organization. Ask appropriate questions and inquire about your
subject matter to use the information you receive when communicating directly.
Social media is used for business development, emailing marketing, and expanding the circle
of loyal customers. Use the data available to find the information of interest. There are
several major platforms for conducting business activities, but only a few are particularly
1. Facebook. Users who create a page for the first time enter a lot of information. The
the information posted can be found for contact by using a company or executive profile.
To find a Facebook email address, click the “About Me” tab on the desired person’s
2. Twitter. The popular social network allows contacting the company without too many
troubles. Ask directly for the mail address, and you’ll get a quick answer. Another
option is to use a page search. Queries are made accurately and in detail, but it is
necessary to check few expressions. The account owner may have left his or her email
for feedback in one of the posts, or replaced “@” and “.” with “at” and “point.”
3. LinkedIn. You may have contacted this company in the past. On your social
networking page, you can request files of the contacts of your friends and
acquaintances registered on LinkedIn. To do this, go to the “Settings” tab and request
an archive to your email (Privacy – Get Copies).
When going on email hunting, it is worthwhile to use every available and free opportunity on
Internet. In this way, you can save time and get useful information without spending a lot of
Little-known ways to find an address for email marketing
It is possible to search for a potential customer’s email address on your own mailing list. This
opportunity is often forgotten by business owners and atomic emails hunter. It is possible to
get acquainted with the client base of a company with the help of e-mail marketing programs.
In order to do this, you need to open your contact list and start searching by the name of a
potential client.
Despite the fact that Google and other similar search engines are used every day, everyone
can forget about being able to search for contacts here. Searching for data is made a little
more difficult by the fact that there are many common names. It is possible that in the process
of examining the information obtained, it will turn out that the email finder will not meet
The request should be modified to get the desired response. Different words and phrases can
be added to the name of the potential client:
● contact;
● email address;
● city name;
● company;
● etc.
The request may also include full name, position, and activity field.
Sometimes it is enough to get the contacts of an employee who works for the company of
interest to complete the search. As a rule, the e-mail address is composed according to a
certain template, which is used for quick communication within the organization.
There are several common options, but it is worth getting the client’s domain information in
advance. This will be a starting point in the search. Company templates come in the
following types:
● name.surname;
● name surname;
● surname. name;
● surname name.
As you can see, finding email addresses from the domain is easy enough. Once the right email is
in your hands, it is worth respecting the recipient. Avoid all kinds of spam and don’t clog a
potential customer’s account with uninteresting offers.
Software for the hunt email address
Special tools and programs can help to save time and find emails quickly. Extensions similar
to allow finding the address you’re
looking for as soon as you go to a specific website or profile.
Very often, it is required to pay for a package of services in order to implement the system,
but not in this case. There is no fee for using the service, so the software will help to save
money as well. The extension is not limited in its features. The E-mail addresses can be imported in
a convenient one-click format.
Massmailsoftware company will help you decide on the most useful tools to run your