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Affordable Office Space for Small Businesses in Hong Kong

If you need office space for temporary use in Hong Kong, you should only consider The Work Project and the outlet can connect you with the perfect office space that can accommodate all your needs. The serviced office rental services provided here can meet all your needs and also accommodate the various official activities that you may want to carry out at your office. The offices are also available in different sizes and you are free to choose any that can fit your specific needs.

Whichever of the available offices you rent, you will not have to spend an arm and a leg when you patronize the outlet. Continue reading to learn more about the various benefits of patronizing The Work Project for office space rentals in Hong Kong.

Affordable plans for all

The cost of patronizing The Work Project is very cheap and you can enjoy topnotch services without emptying your bank account. The cost depends on the type of office space you want to rent. For example, a shared office will not cost as much as a dedicated office. Day Pass, for one, will cost you SGD 45 per day and you can access the Day Passes from 9 am to 6 pm daily, except on Saturdays and Sundays during which the Day Passes are not accessible. At the office space, you will have access to high-speed internet, as well as the full-service gourmet pantry available at The Work Project.

Flexible and cheap office space

You can enjoy serviced office rental at this outlet specially designed in a user-friendly manner and with incomparable flexibility. You will have total freedom here and you can come and go as you please. You can also use any desk that is available when you are here.

Each dedicated office space at The Work Project comes with open concept space and also fitted with storage cabinet so that you can keep your things very safe while you are here. The dedicated spaces make it possible for the individual to easily set up his or her ideal work environment at his or her own pace.

Private offices also available

If you need more privacy than what a shared office or dedicated desks can offer, then you should go for any of the private offices available here. The private offices are fully enclosed and you can lock up the office if you like. You will be the only one that has access to the office while your rent lasts. Each office is already furnished and ready for use. The offices are also ergonomically designed and beautifully appointed.

The private offices are also available indifferent sizes. Consequently, some can accommodate more than one user. Secure keycard access ensures complete security at all times and you will equally be provided with complimentary daily refreshment.

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Product Design – Make the Best Impression

Design can go a long way in making a product successful. Think of Pez candy dispensers, tree-shaped car fresheners, and the Amazon Kindle reader– all these products that are remembered for their designs as much as for the actual functionality. So what does it take to get the perfect product design?

Competing products are essentially selling the same promises. So to win the attention of the customer or client, it all comes down to the presentation, marketing and pricing. Presentation and design is the basis of all strategies and if your product design is unique and functional, it has a better chance to be bought. Here are some boxes to tick in your endeavor to find the ideal design.

Functionality and Feasibility

Functionality is based on what users of the product want. What are the biggest challenges that users have to accomplish the task your product is supposed to do? Your product design needs to fix these physical and ergonomic challenges as best as possible. If you are designing packaging, then you need to first ensure that it protects the product.

When you have a design in mind, it should also be feasible to produce. From the material and texture to the scalability of the design, these are things that need to be considered carefully. You do not want an elaborate or difficult design that may be eye-catching but extremely expensive to reproduce in the thousands.

Design with Heart

Micro economies and small businesses now have access to a lot of high-quality product design resources, something which was the domain of bigger brands just a generation ago. From craft beers to organic produce, the packaging is becoming more unique. Generic designs are now frowned upon and templates discarded. A packaging design is about identity and a message rather than just having a flat aesthetic appeal. Some of the most recognizable designs are those that express the geography and culture of a product. They have a bit of history and many times people trust brands because of this visual familiarity. This has been a long-standing tradition with many famous food products.

Choosing the Best Designers

When you use good product design, you will create a good first impression with potential customers. So when you choose a design consultant, pick a team that showcases diversity in its portfolio. The best designers are those who have experiences with big brands and niche businesses alike so they can understand your expectations and give relevant, contextual suggestions.

Packaging Principles

Packaging is the first glimpse that consumers will get of any product so it naturally takes a major share of effort in product design studios. There are certain guidelines that apply when you are in your product design stages.

The first main rule of packaging designing is to start early. There will be a lot of trial and error as you get closer to the final concept so enough time is needed. Sometimes trial packaging and marketing can help you determine the one that works most. Invest some research time on the colors and textures for your packaging. Your design consultants can give you a lot of good leads on these points. The packaging design should also not come in the way of the branding. The logo and letters should be clear and consumers should make a clear association of the design with your brand.

How your product will be exhibited to consumers is also an important factor in product design. If it is going to be sold physically as well as online it needs to stand out of the shelf where it will be placed with similar products. Sustainability is another key factor, one that is increasingly in the minds of informed and environmentally conscious customers. If your packaging can add a green aspect to it, it goes a long way into creating a positive association with your brand. Wasteful, excessive packaging is frowned upon.

Easy portability is another important packaging fundamental. Nothing too big, the size is another factor. People think of space used when they pick up products. It also helps when your packaging design gives the product an aura of exclusivity. Electronic majors like Apple are a perfect example of how sophisticated, simple designs add to the allure of the product.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, your packaging needs to be distinct from the others. It needs to use the colors that people positively associate with the application – e.g. White or blue works better for cleaning products than black or brown. Packaging needs to showcase the brand, and its unique design should be used as a visual marketing tool.

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Innovative Communications Solutions for Small Businesses

The Short Message Service – or SMS as we have come to know it, is a vital component for every business, and there are online providers of an SMS network that can cost effectively deliver messages to your employees and clients. In the year 2010, more than 6 trillion (Yes, Trillion) SMS messages were sent, making it the most popular messaging system that works across a range of digital platforms.

Global Connectivity

SMS messages can be sent to almost any country, and with the right marketing partner, SMS can be a very productive way to get your message across. If you would like to know more about an SMS package for the business owner, there are online companies who can provide this service, and you can even have a free trial, to test the system for yourself. You might want to inform your customers of a special promotion, or change the time and date of that sales meeting, and with the right provider, your information will be instantly sent to the relevant parties.

Easy to Use

All you need to take advantage of this service is a device that has a web browser and an Internet connection, and once you are hooked up, sending messages to people around the world can be carried out at the swipe of a screen. There is no need for bulky hardware or software, and with the average message being delivered in less than 5 seconds, speed is not an issue.

Easy to Use Interface

Once you have logged in, your account will show how many credits you have, and with a few clicks, you can send your SMS messages when you want. If, for example, your business is based in Malaysia, the ideal provider would cover the entire Asia Pacific region, which would include:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Australia

Prepaid Packages

The best way to use this SMS service is to have prepaid blocks, and that works out at the lowest possible cost for each message. Credits never expire, so you don’t have to feel pressured at any time, and as you near the end of your credits, simply top up with a secure online payment, and you are good to go.

Interactive SMS

This is a great way to get feedback from your customers, and sending polls or surveys is the best way to find out how they feel about specific products or services. You can even run small contests among your customers, which is a great way to regenerate interest, and loyalty bonuses can be factored into an SMS campaign, which is likely to bring in new orders. You can easily import contacts from any other network, and with a range of SMS templates to choose from, you can tailor the design of the message to suit the occasion.

If your business is based in Malaysia and you would like to experience regional connectivity, all it takes is a Google search and you can talk to the experts and even have a free trial.

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The Many Benefits of Outsourcing IT support

Every business demands connectivity, and without it, you are simple going to be one of the “also rans”, and with something as complex as LAN and video conferencing, you really do need an IT ally, and you’ll be happy to know that the IT support industry is booming, as everyone tries to make their mark on a globalised marketplace. If we are in agreement that IT constitutes as a major resource, the right support needs to be in place, and as we are all aware, things can quickly go wrong, and even a few minutes of offline time could cost you dearly. Shopping cart sited have no opening hours, they are round the clock stores, and one needs to back up of an expert support company, who will cover you not matter what.

Back Up & Data Protection

As your business grows, so will your client base, and confidential data must be backed up and protected. In the highly unlikely event your host server was destroyed, there would be no copy of your website to fall back on. Things like this could have serious consequences for any business, and that is just one area where IT support can help. You might, for example, require IT support services in Sutton, and an online search will put you in touch with a local company who can ensure that your online presence is always maintained and protected.

Connectivity in the Field

Using a cloud based system, a sales team can access vital customer information, wherever they might be, and they don’t need a computer to do that, as they simply login using their smartphone or tablet to access the online database. Cloud based applications can empower a business to such a degree, and that includes even the smallest of enterprises or a multi-national corporation.

Cut Communication Costs

Modern IT equipment can help a business reduce its communication costs by using a broadband Internet connection and the right software. The telecommunications industry has been revolutionised by VoIP solutions, and the latest technology allows a business to save a lot on call costs, and with video conferencing, meetings can take place anytime.

Focus on What Matters

With all your IT needs taken care of, and guaranteed connectivity, you can put all your energy into marketing and improving your service. IT solutions can streamline your communications and by talking to an expert, you might be surprised to learn the many ways IT solutions can assist your business. We all know about the cyber-attacks and with new viruses coming out daily, you really do need adequate online security, and this needs to be ongoing, and is something your IT support partner can handle.

Whatever your line of business, IT is an integral component, and therefore, support needs to be in place, and if you would like to know more about how Information Technology can help your business, a simple online search is all it takes to locate a local IT support company.

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The Repair And Performance Monitoring Of Machines

Manufacturers should comprehensively inspect and repair their machines. Prior to computers, all of this had to be done by sight. As a result, machines could remain inefficient, even after they had been repaired.

However, maintenance and performance management is a simple task in the 21st century because computers will analyse machines on a 24/7 basis. All workers need to do is to analyse this data and then make the repairs.

How are machines repaired and monitored nowadays?

Maintenance Software Lets Repairmen Do Their Job Properly

1) Maintenance software allows repairmen to do their job properly without having to rely on guesswork at all.

2) The software highlights which part of a machine needs to be repaired and when the job has to be completed.

3) Once repairs are finished, reports can be compiled using software from so that managers can analyze all of the data. Regular maintenance work can be scheduled using this software.

4) Technicians keep track of inventory by using this software, and the cost can be tallied up.

Software Allows Managers To Understand The Cost Of A Broken Machine

1) When a broken machine is out of use, it is not generating any profit at all for the business. Broken machines will be logged onto the maintenance software, and the exact problem is identified. Employees are then able to see how much the machine will cost the business if it is not repaired.

2) Once the machine has been repaired, the operational losses can be calculated.

3) Using this information, the company may decide that new protocol should be put in place to make sure that the machines are repaired in the shortest time possible without any unnecessary delays at all.

Maintenance Software Highlights If One Machine Is Underperforming Compared To Others On The Production Line

1) Every machine has to work perfectly in order for a manufacturing business to thrive. The software can alert technicians to the fact that one of the machines in the factory is no longer running at maximum capacity. Something needs to be done.

2) Technicians can fix the underperforming machine so that it is brought up to the standard of the others on the production line as soon as possible.

Monitoring Software Highlights Which Parts Of A Machine Need To Be Completely Replaced

1) Inspections can be carried out thanks to software that highlights certain parts of a defective machine.

2) This is quicker and more-cost-effective than replacing an entire machine which has some fully-functioning parts.

Types Of Machines That Can Be Monitored

Many different machines can be monitored successfully in this way:

  • Machines that build cars.
  • Machines that are used on oil rigs.
  • Machines which build computers.

Why Repairing Machines Is Important

Machine repairs allow a manufacturing business to stay operational. Also, the repairs ensure that employees are safe at all times and they are not at risk of defects. Inspections need to be carried out by technicians who are responding to machine monitoring data.

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What Types of Law Services Are Available?

Law firms carry out many different legal services to a host of different kinds of clients, and might include working with a single person, a small business, all the way up to a large corporation. This mix of clients and clients’ needs means that there are various types of law firms.

Law firms can differ greatly in their size, from a small one individual solicitor, to a large firm with up to 100 or more legal professionals and that’s without including their staff!

  • A law office may concentrate in one legal field or can also be a general practice firm with a many areas of practice.

Matters of Smaller Firms

Small firms with just the one lawyer, work unaccompanied or sometimes with a legal colleague. Some solo law experts have a business that may take on different types of law, which can include family law, real estate, wills and probate, and business law.

  • Normally, this kind of small company will work with a specific client and small business.

Different Legal Departments

Larger firms, (also known as corporate law firms), work more with medium to large sized companies. This type of firm has different legal departments that specialise in particular areas of law, as in real estate law, employment law, personal injury law, or litigation. Specialist company solicitors in London, who share the ownership of a law firm are known as partners; and lawyers who are workers for the firm are known as associates.

  • This type of firm also has some employees who give help out with support services like clerical, bookkeeping and paralegal types of work.
  • In many cases, law offices work with clients who live in their geographical area.

Some larger companies may even have many offices around one area, if the number of people or cities therein be plentiful enough. National firms will have offices spread around the nation and there are also large international firms with offices in the UK and abroad.

  • These global law companies aid international business companies in complying with the laws of any country that they are doing business with.

Various Cases

A civil litigation firm manages different types of court cases, which include disagreements over finances, property, insurance and personal injury. Solicitors in these kinds of firms are competent at representing clients in court hearings and trials.

  • A law office may focus on litigation, which will involve lawsuits.

Criminal law firms may protect a client with criminal charges against him or her, and also work alongside clients who can hire their own legal assistance rather than being represented by a public defender.

Other types of law firms will also specialise in areas such as transactional law and provide legal services in areas that include documents and transactions, as in real estate closings or the readying of business contracts, wills and trusts.

Not Short of Choice!

That’s quite a lot of business indeed! And that just about covers the different types of law firms which are available today.

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5 Big Upcoming Expenditures For Restaurant Franchises

  1. Calorie and Nutrition Information

U.S. regulations in 2015 are requiring restaurants to publish more calorie information about their dishes, and nutrition facts are finding their way into restaurants in other ways, too. This means several changes are coming, especially when it comes to menus. In addition to new menu design and publication, changes to dishes may also be a priority. Publishing calorie information is a great way to change the way that customers view food – it also requires some research. How many of these costs with be passed down from franchisors to franchisees? It will likely vary from model to model.

  1. Rising Minimum Wage

Minimum wages are going up in states and cities around the United States. These new rules make it more expensive to hire employees, end of story. Again, how franchises deal with these expenses depends on individual approach, but in many cases it’s the responsibility of the franchisee, which invites a whole lot of new costs going forward. It also adds a new dynamic onto territory: Is it worth expanding into a new area if the minimum wage is significantly higher there? How much will that eat into the budget? The answers may affect branch decisions.

  1. Even More Tech Upgrades

Restaurants are going mobile in a big way. This means apps that allow you to order food ahead of time, tablet menus, self-service payment tablets, and many other amenities. As more businesses adopt them, more customers are going to expect them. This is a serious upgrade, especially when it comes to hardware, and it also has a major effect on workflow. The end result is more investment in the short term. Fortunately, more profit and savings seem likely in the long term.

  1. The New Employee Definition

Both full-time and part-time employees have been receiving new legal definitions lately, and this puts many franchises in a bind. Many franchise employment strategies focus on minimizing costs by using part-time employees, a controversial tactic that is nonetheless effective. However, new health insurance and employment regulations are redefining the benefits given to part-time employees, and what it means to be a full-time employee. The result is a general increase the benefits that must be given to part-time employees, a staple of the restaurant industry.

  1. New Payment Regulations

Chip-enabled credit cards are coming to the United States in a matter of years – they can only be put off for so long. And additional regulations are expected after that. This will mean upgrading payment systems across the board, which means plenty of investment in IT, hardware changes, new training, and data management.

Restaurant franchises are in a good place right now: The combined effects of globalization, recovering income levels, and new offerings has led to rapid growth in restaurant franchising and plenty of success stories. However, changing market forces and new regulations will be hitting restaurants with new expenses in the coming months and years. Is your restaurant ready? Does your franchise have a plan? Take a look at some of the upcoming costs and see how prepared you are. When you’re ready, visit and search for compatible franchises.