Affordable Office Space for Small Businesses in Hong Kong

Office Space for Businesses

If you need office space for temporary use in Hong Kong, you should only consider The Work Project and the outlet can connect you with the perfect office space that can accommodate all your needs. The serviced office rental services provided here can meet all your needs and also accommodate the various official activities that you may want to carry out at your office.  The offices are also available in different sizes and you are free to choose any that can fit your specific needs.

Whichever of the available offices you rent, you will not have to spend an arm and a leg when you patronize the outlet.  Continue reading to learn more about the various benefits of patronizing The Work Project for office space rentals in Hong Kong.

Affordable plans for all

The cost of patronizing The Work Project is very cheap and you can enjoy topnotch services without emptying your bank account.  The cost depends on the type of office space you want to rent. For example, a shared office will not cost as much as a dedicated office. Day Pass, for one, will cost you SGD 45 per day and you can access the Day Passes from 9 am to 6 pm daily, except on Saturdays and Sundays during which the Day Passes are not accessible.  At the office space, you will have access to high-speed internet, as well as the full-service gourmet pantry available at The Work Project.

Flexible and cheap office space

You can enjoy serviced office rental at this outlet specially designed in a user-friendly manner and with incomparable flexibility. You will have total freedom here and you can come and go as you please. You can also use any desk that is available when you are here.

Each dedicated office space at The Work Project comes with open concept space and also fitted with storage cabinet so that you can keep your things very safe while you are here.  The dedicated spaces make it possible for the individual to easily set up his or her ideal work environment at his or her own pace.

Private offices also available

If you need more privacy than what a shared office or dedicated desks can offer, then you should go for any of the private offices available here. The private offices are fully enclosed and you can lock up the office if you like. You will be the only one that has access to the office while your rent lasts.  Each office is already furnished and ready for use.  The offices are also ergonomically designed and beautifully appointed.

The private offices are also available indifferent sizes. Consequently, some can accommodate more than one user. Secure keycard access ensures complete security at all times and you will equally be provided with complimentary daily refreshment.