Empowering Women in the World


Life lessons are not subject to any demographic. You can be in your 20s and know more about a certain business than someone in their late 30s. However, one thing’s for sure, you cannot undermine advice from an experienced person.

Among the main life lessons that Marilyn Gauthier passes on to us is that women have abilities and strengths more than they come to believe they have. The entrepreneur and Founder of the Marilyn Models Agency in Paris, Sao Paulo, and New York has been the part of the industry for the past 28 years. Her influence as the head of the modeling agency with a strong network has opened ways for many women in the modeling world. About women, Marilyn learned that adversities do not define women. Instead, they can strengthen, mold, and liberate them to do important things and unite people.

She offers six tips for women to empower themselves, inspire others, and make a difference:

  1. Establish priorities

These are defined individually. You have to take into account your vision and personal passions. It is fundamental to align what you do or plan to do with your vision. This is how you find yourself.

  1. Focus on others

As you become your best self, the focus can change to find ways to help other people. One should think about how their personal success should be linked to the success of their community, organization, and those around them. Now you are empowered to do more for others.

  1. Learn to lead

Being proactive is how leadership begins. You move forward to cause change, not just expect others to act.

  1. Inspire

Inspiring others to follow him, emanating that confidence and conviction for what you believe, make good things happen. And with people extracting that energy, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Relationships

Establishing and taking advantage of their relationships brings strength and knowledge in numbers. Forging strong relationships leads to group opportunities that you would not have had before. You collaborate, and you elevate.

  1. Grow

We learn from good and bad experiences, both. Ultimately, mistakes and failures help us learn to succeed faster. We embrace adversity, diversity, and change, taking advantage of every opportunity to challenge and reinvent himself.

Marilyn Gauthier’s contribution to the modeling world has been profound. She has extended an incredible influence to those who aspire to become models and work in an industry that has faced numerous challenges regarding its definition of a model. Marilyn is highly revered for being a kind soul and an epitome of women empowerment for thousands of women out there.