How to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly


If you are looking to renovate your office because it hasn’t been renovated in a while or because of some other specific need, you should consider making your office more green. In this context, “green” means more friendly to the environment. You can do that through active and passive measures. Active measures to make your office more green involve doing everything possible to choose appliances and fixtures that use as little energy as possible to achieve your goals. Passive measures involve choosing furniture, insulation, and carpeting that absorbs heat. Also, passive measures include choosing paint or wallpaper that conserves energy.

Active Measures

If you’re looking for complete office renovations in Perth, you’ll most likely be involved with active energy-saving measures. These are measures that you will work on in conjunction with experts. You’ll need to ask them about new machines that work efficiently to handle your needs. For example, there are some 21st-century HVAC units that are more efficient than some of the older units. They use less energy to heat and cool the environment around you. Since most electrical energy is still produced by burning fossil fuels, consuming less electricity contributes less to global climate change. Also, there are washing machines, dryers, and other laundry tools that are more efficient.

These tools use less water to clean items and also less heat. That means fewer fossil fuels are consumed and less water is used. There are even some systems that will recycle the water you use to wash items for other uses. They can be used to water a rooftop garden, cool down the building, or water the lawn.

Passive Means

There are also some passive means that are useful. The passive means tend to be things that you do and don’t have to think about. For example, lighter coloured paint will reflect more light; thus, they will reflect more heat. If you were to paint the sunny side of your offices with a light-coloured paint, they would reflect more heat and cool down the building somewhat. If you painted the other side of the office building with a dark paint that absorbs heat, you’ll need to run the heater slightly less. Those measures might seem small, but even a 1% change over a year can make a huge impact.

Furthermore, there are other measures such as the carpet you choose. A carpet can work as an insulator to limit heat transfer. It doesn’t even have to be a thick carpet; many modern materials are great at absorbing and holding heat without being bulky. Furthermore, you might be able to choose from flooring or wallpaper choices that help insulate the home or office.

All of those different steps are just minor steps you can take to make your office a little more friendly to the environment. Work with professional office renovators to come up with even more that you can do to be more “green”.