How To Use Linked-In For Job Search


Many people are unaware that Linked-in is a great resource for jobseekers.  There is more to Linked-in than just creating a professional profile and connecting with other individuals in the same or related fields. You are greatly missing out if you only update your Linked-in profile and waiting for others to reach out to you. If you are seriously looking for a job, the following are the ways through which Linked-in could be your connection to the next big opportunity:

Building your Linked-in profile

Your Linked-in profile is the first and most important thing you need to work on when using the site to look for a job. Many people hardly take the time to fill out all the sections on the profile yet this page is an actual resume that employers use to hire you. Every details matters, you never know what could set you apart from other professionals in line for the same position.  When creating your profile, make sure you outline your profession or position in the headline, fill every section and upload a professional and appropriate photograph. Make sure you set your profile to public so you can get as much visibility as possible.

Building your network

After you have built an All-Star profile, the next important step is to build your network of connections. Your network is a source of recommendation and information about new employers, job opportunities and generally knowledge about your industry. You can use your Linked-in profile link in your email signature so that everyone you email can get a chance to connect with you.You can also use Linked-in features to collect with people you may know from school and work. Through these connections, you can learn which opportunities are worth pursuing and which ones are not. Endorsements and recommendations from connections also help to build the integrity of your online profile.

Post updates about your job search

No matter how detailed your profile is no one will ever know you are looking for a job until you tell employers you are. Make sure you update that you are looking for a job on your home page. You might be the answer that someone in your network has been looking for.

Use the Job search app

Linked-in has a job search app where many companies often post job opportunities for users to apply. You can customize this app to the specific types of job alerts you want to receive. You can even subscribe to emails to get the latest notifications from companies looking to hire in your industry.

Follow your target companies

Many companies have profiles on Linked-in where they update new information about their operations on a regular basis. The information they post often include new appointments, new products, services and career opportunities among others. When you follow these companies, you can be in up to date with the latest information that could get you a job. For instance, if a company starts a new line of products, you can approach them with proposals on how to market it or even improve it and seize that opportunity.