Importance of Shredding

Importance of Shredding

Paper shredding is a vital process for many people, helping to get rid of important and confidential information that may be adversely used if it falls into the wrong hands.

From bills and bank statements to delivery parcels and medical details, there are many different forms of documentation that we shouldn’t leave lying around at home or elsewhere. Here, we’ll look at how important shredding can be and why it may be a good idea to invest in it.

Hindering identity theft crimes

Possibly the most common and important reason we should shred important documents is to prevent identity theft. According to the Credit Industry Avoidance Scheme, there were 174,523 occurrences of identity fraud in the UK in 2017 and 13% of all criminal complaints recorded by the Consumer Sentinel Network in the US were about this type of crime.

Evidently, identity theft cases are an issue and a threat. Shredding helps us get rid of any information that could be used by identity fraudsters, giving us peace of mind and preventing the rise of fraud.

Helping the environment

Being eco-friendly, both as an individual and as part of a workforce, is critical in 2019. Did you know that up to seven billion trees are cut down annually, according to the Intact Forest Landscape organisation? With the global push for a ‘paperless society’, now is the time to consider all your options to be more environmentally mindful.

Shredding encourages us to get rid of paper that’s lying around. But rather than simply throw it out, it can be packaged up after shredding and recycled. As a result, this reduces waste in landfills and helps to preserve our forests. There are even eco-friendly shredding services available to hire, such as Ontime Shred, that can help you stay environmentally friendly, too.

Eradicating mess

Nobody likes a cluttered house and piles of old, unused paper can look very messy. Not ideal if you’re having guests over! If you have a lot of paper documents lying around and little storage facilities, shredding may be the way to go to help spruce your home up.

Why not hire a shredding service or buy a shredder to use at home yourself? This can help you minimise litter and make your office, spare room or anywhere else in your home appear far more neat and orderly.

Safety assurance

Ensuring that your home is safe and secure is obviously of paramount importance to all of us – and shredding can help you.

As you can imagine, having piles of paper around the home may heighten the risk of an accidental fire, which can have a devastating impact. So, you should take every precaution to prevent them and protect your home and family. To help you do this, shredding can make it far easier to eliminate piles of paper and dispose of them quickly and easily.

Clearly, shredding is a handy and important process for many reasons and it’s certainly worth considering hiring a reputable shredding provider or investing in a machine for your home.