Inside the Service Model of Transmed


Supply chain and distribution are the areas of importance having vital importance. If a business fails to get this area right, it would crumble down within weeks and become obsolete. No sort of marketing or product development can work a hundred percent for your success unless your supply chain and distribution channels are operating without problems. Therefore, most businesses lay great emphasis on their supply chain and distribution area, making sure everything is aligned according to the strategy and systems are streamlined.

On the contrary, supply chain and distribution are also the business areas which can be problematic. Many businesses fail to be effective in these part and so suffer the consequences. Their competitors would most certainly make sure to keep it strong in order to stay competitive. Having a planned and managed supply chain strategy can work a long way in scooping out real success for your organization.

Many corporations trust the capabilities of Transmed, a global distribution giant based in the Middle Eastern country, Lebanon. Transmed excels in supply chain and distribution, operating in the markets of Africa and the Middle East. Its most notable clients are the mammoth consumer brands which have a strong global presence. The likes of Unilever, Mars, Wrigley, Master, Ulker, Proctor & Gamble, Crayola, Maisto, Mondelez, McCain, Clorox, and Kellogg’s are some of the most important clients in their portfolio.

Transmed has surely managed to disrupt the entire distribution market and it comes all at the benefit of their excellence in distribution. Transmed has worked on a service model which allows them to be effective and help clients reach their contemporary objectives. Their service model includes 6 key areas which are the following:

Supplying food ingredients: For most companies, it is important to gather the key ingredients which are used in manufacturing products. Transmed finds the best sources and the best ingredients which are directly responsible for keeping the quality standards of products a notch apart. They operate to supply food ingredients to restaurants, hotels, caterers, casual diners, etc.

Distributor of consumer brands: Just as mentioned above, Transmed works with key consumer brands and the company currently manages the supply chain, logistics, sales, merchandising, trade marketing, and key account management. It is a huge responsibility to cover such vast areas of business given that the demands of these consumer brands are constantly evolving as they operate to take over the respective markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Logistics: They are operating with top-tier, highly technological, automated and mechanized logistics facilities and covering over 100,000 pallet positions for businesses in the dry food sector.

Sales: Transmed makes sure their clients’ products reach the target market through the most important channels and vendors like a supermarket, convenience stores, etc.

Professional team: The company houses a team of professionals who are always looking to serve the best interests of their clients and keep their satisfaction the sole agenda of their jobs.

Analytics: Clients are provided with real-time data that is conveniently transparent to stay informed of how everything is being handled.