Replacing a Neon Sign


There are several different kinds of neon signs that you might have at your business. At any business in the 21st century, you need to have a great sign that is easy to find. There is so much competition in the marketplace today that every piece of friction makes it more difficult for you to compete. If your store is not easy to find because of a faulty sign, the customers will just go elsewhere. Furthermore, your sign sets the tone for your entire store. If you have a sign that’s not in good shape, people will think that your store is not in good shape either.

Neon Isn’t Neon

London signs and nameplates are not actually made using neon any more.

  • Neon is one of the noble gases that only lights up a certain colour when an electric current passes through it.
  • In order to use a different colour, sign makers had to use a totally different gas.
  • Now, they use charged coloured filaments in a pressurised gas environment. It produces a vibrant light that will shine in many different colours.
  • They can even produce signs that change colours.

Design Your Sign

You need to be able to design your own sign. If you are choosing a sign for your business, you should have control over how it looks and where it goes. If you are choosing where it goes, you need to also be able to choose what size it is. The more control you have over the creation of your sign, the better your sign will be.