Sell your stuff and get Bitcoins wallets:


One way of getting bitcoins is by selling things you no longer need. You can sell anything from clothes to homes or gadgets to cars in exchange for bitcoins. But how and where can you go to get bitcoins out from your garage?

There are a lot of websites that offer ways for people who wants to buy and sell goods in exchange for bitcoins. There are even companies, sad to say, who uses this technology to sell illegal stuffs. This is not to give an idea about black markets but it is a reality on how this technology can be used to different markets regardless of the nature of the business.

So what websites to go that offer services freewallet in buy and sell using bitcoins as the mode of payment.
Several of them are on the list below. is somewhat the Ebay of Bitcoin. They use auction system to sell items for bitcoins. They also offer escrow services. Escrow allows buyers to hold the bitcoins until the are delivered to them. Buyers have an option to use their escrow service at 1% fee. Sellers have 2.5 % fee on the total sale price of the item. Premium advertisements are at 1.5% of the total cost.

You need to register an account and log in to use the website.

Eggify on the other hand, is known as the Craiglist of Bitcoin. The site offers exciting dealerships of luxury cars and vehicles. No need for users to register and login to use the website.

The website offers a software that allows individuals to trade with each other. The software is installed and used in a running desktop client. and

Although they are social networking websites, they offer a forum particularly for bitcoin transactions. Sellers are allowed to post list of items for sale in that forum in exchange for bitcoins.

The site focuses on building trust in the bitcoin market to protect consumers and prevent fraud and scams. They provide tools to regulate user reputation, arbiter service and smart contracts.

People with Amazon accounts can sell items at Purse for bitcoins at discount. Buyers who use bitcoins posts wishlists at their account.

Making transactions with people anonymous like you takes a lot of trust. In order to gain trust from people in the bitcoin world, you need to gain a good standing reputation. One way to have a trusted reputation is to follow the terms and regulations of the websites you go to sell your items in exchange for bitcoins. For more information on getting a Bitcoin wallet, visit this website: