The challenges facing the future Sony Xperia Z4


Id pointing the date of January 5, 2015. That day the CES in Las Vegas starts and will probably be chosen by Sony to present their new franchise terminals. The Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Z4 and Z4 Ultra will give you a new twist to a generation that will bring some surprises.

According to these preliminary data, still unconfirmed, the Z4 will offer a 5.4-inch screen with qHD resolution Triluminos technology, while the Z4 Ultra will use a diagonal although that name is somewhat lower than Giant time, the Nexus 6, and will be in 5.9 inches.

But other developments are planned is interesting to see how Sony will face not to penalize the growth that has been experiencing its Z series with each new member of this family already well known in the Android environment.

QHD screen and 4 GB of RAM for the Xperia Z4

The initial rumors pointed to the inclusion of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 in these terminals, but the same sources that talk about these features in Sony claim that prefer to go with the Snapdragon 805, more veterans processors but can ensure both outstanding performance as there is no production problems.

One of the surprises come to us with RAM, which according to these sources amount to no less than 4 GB. Here are some conflicts arise: the processor can now be forwarding all this memory and also the pre-installed operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, is prepared for such support, but do not raise that amount of memory the price of the terminal?

In Sony will have already thought of that, and it seems that this new processor sacrifice to bring more memory and attention, better camera. The company already recently announced their new IMX230 sensor versions 20.7 and 16 Mpixels, and these seem to be the components that comprise the Z4 and Z4 Ultra respectively.

There is talk that the Z4 have a battery 3420 mAh (Ultra not know the data) that will surely come in handy for ensuring autonomy that is already featured in the current Z3, and besides that sensor on the back tell with a front camera of 4.8 Mpixels. In design theme will highlight the reduced thickness of these terminals He rumored to be 5.7 mm – in addition to narrower sides, top and bottom frames.

Objective: To recover the right path

Since we mentioned recently how the Japanese company recently revised its forecasts downward financial results. Talkline, Sony will end 2014 with five losses greater than I had anticipated, and the problem was precisely mobile.

Sony has relied too much of this sector, but its sales in midrange and low were disappointing. That’s not the only problem, since their high ranges are not reaping the expected success, and managers of the company and indicated that they particularly focus on those particularly powerful products.

This decision is compounded by the fact that the Z4 and Ultra Z4 (yet we know nothing of the Z4 Compact, if any) will be the first devices of a new cycle of renewal that no longer force the machine every 6 months to get new high-end smartphone: instead launches were made ​​less frequent, probably, from year to year- to allow time for each new terminal has more travel.

The truth is that we do not find explanation to the plight of Sony. The Z3-and its CompactFlash version confirmed as two of the top end of this season. We saw in the analysis of the Sony Xperia Z3 and we reaffirm that recent comparative in which faced this and other Android cap range with the iPhone 6.

Features such as water resistance, good line design and remarkable performance from your camera battery joined with a remarkable autonomy, but it seems that markets continue to weigh over other brands. What challenges facing brand in 2015 with those terminals?

Well go beyond his fame as very balanced terminal and highlight key points such as the camera We’ll see if these sensors meet the expectations-or autonomy, two of the most important today among users of devices mobile. Sony should try to take a step forward to highlight more clearly against competitors, and perhaps the Z4 is a great opportunity to do so.