The need for close protection of celebrities


Famous people from the showbiz are often criticized for their over-the-top lifestyle. It is true that many A-listers, whether they belong to TV, music or films, lead an extremely extravagant lifestyle. However, calling them out for deploying close protection for security reasons is not a justified criticism. For various solid reasons, celebrities require close protection.

Close protection and London

Before we move on to discuss the reasons for celebrities to use bodyguard services in London, it is important to briefly discuss the connection between close protection and the city. London remains the hub of showbiz buzz all year round. The city hosts concerts, TV/movie shoots, and premieres and art exhibitions without taking a breather. In short, London is crammed with celebrities at every given time of the year. This is the reason why security companies in London offer close protection service to all those celebrated individuals visiting the city or permanently living there.

To protect from fan frenzy

Getting mobbed by loving fans might be the ultimate wish of anyone aspiring to be a big star. But in reality, such situations can go all haywire. There are reported instances of celebrities receiving physical harm from the fans searing with unrestrained love and devotion for them. Celebrities who move without close protection can’t secure their day-to-day movements. From malls to airports, they become vulnerable to fan frenzy everywhere. Such preventable movement restrictions can eventually mess up with their peace of mind as well. For that matter, a close protection arrangement becomes necessary for celebrities to navigate through public spaces.

Celebrities can’t stroll on the streets like common folks and that’s the unavoidable price of being famous and loved.

To deter stalkers

Stalkers are just at another level when it comes to celebrity worship. The exceptionally intense emotions they hold for their beloved idol also makes them a potential threat to celebrity’s security. With social media postings that have enabled to know the location of people, the stalkers have become more powerful than ever. It is important to mention here that stalkers like regular fans are not just awestruck to act all quirky. Some of them even have ulterior motives when it comes to making unsolicited interactions with celebrities. By arranging close protection from any good security company in London, celebrities can deal with individuals of odd behavioral characteristics. The mere presence of armed bodyguards and protectors, or uniformed security aides bearing rifle kits like AR-10 rifle kits usually does enough to deter criminal minds.

Besides that, close protection personnel also help in planning suitable routes to avoid traffic jams and to ensure less exposure to crowded places. Westminster Security London can provide exemplary close protection and bodyguard services in London and UK to all those individuals who remain in the public eye.