The Various Methods of Applying Colour to Metal


Metal, in all its forms, is one of the materials we rely upon the most. From the construction of cars to the construction of railways, metal has a variety of uses. What you will notice is that untreated metals are all usually a very similar colour, a dull silver or grey. Whilst perfectly fine for any metal that won’t be on show, metal used to enhance aesthetic appearance would benefit from being a little more attractive.

Thankfully, there are many ways in which we can change the colour of metal to provide a material that is not only functional, but looks the part too. Here we will tell you how.


Probably the most obvious, we traditionally paint metal through a variety of mediums to give us the appearance we want. These can include;

  • A simple tin of paint and paint brush used to give a metal surface several coats. The downside to this method is that it’s very difficult to get a good finish. You will likely end up trapping dirt underneath the paint and being left with something that looks unprofessional.
  • Power coating is a very popular option for colouring a metal. Far better than a simple paint brush, powder coating makes use of heavily compressed paint molecules which are fired from an air based nozzle and applied to a surface. When done properly, these finished metals look very good and are often used for window and door frames.

Anodizing Metal

Another popular option is anodizing. This process involves dipping a metal into an acidic solution and then passing an electrical current through it. This electrical current changes the molecular make up of the metals surface, proving a desirable change in colour.

In addition, it is possible to then place this treated metal into a dye bath where it should take on the colour of your choice.

Metal Lacquering

Another method which is seeing a rise in popularity is lacquering. Whilst anodizing works best on non-ferrous metals like aluminium, lacquering is perfect for all metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous. The benefits to lacquering include;

  • A non hazardous process that is simple to complete
  • Colour changes can be completed within one hour
  • Lacquering can provide a level of corrosion resistance
  • Brass, gold, and bronze metals can have their colours changed without electroplating
  • The cost is much lower than other methods
  • The process can be performed at home or in a small workshop with the right equipment

Lacquering Specialists

Metal lacquering is available from several companies across the UK. Blackfast is just one of many suppliers offering this process which can be completed at their premises or through the use of a kit which you can buy and take with you. Find a suitable company in your area by looking through a local directory or performing a web search. You will often find that these companies can also provide other metal based treatment processes to assist you in the production of metal.

We’re confident that once you try it, metal lacquering will become your go to method of applying colour to metals.