Underpinning – The Foundation Industry


For centuries, we have been underpinning our buildings, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, but what has changed is the methodology. The modern piling contractor has an arsenal of powerful tools that are designed to do a very specific job, and with many years of hands-on experience with all aspects of underpinning and foundation work, you can be sure of the best solution.

Online Solutions

Any developer, or indeed, individual, who is in need of foundation assessment and work, the right company can be located with a simple online search, and with a choice of piling contractors, you can select one that has the resources necessary to carry out the work, and by using a contractor that has awards and accreditations, you can be sure of the very best. This industry is very competitive, as their services are in need everywhere at all times, and if you really want to be sure, take a look at the company history, which should tell you something.

Drilling and Boring

This is one aspect that has seen rapid development, with special machines that can bore through just about anything, to leave you with the perfect diameter hole from which to work. An established piling contractor would have access to all types of machines, and they would have the perfect solution for any situation, and with their hands-on knowledge, the best methods will be used to ensure total structure support.

Comprehensive Service

A piling contractor would undertake a number of tasks, and would even deal with the local authorities, should you wish. Drainage solutions are available, and earth removal and even groundwork can be effectively handled by a single contractor, making it a much easier thing to arrange. Groundworks would obviously need to be carried out, and should you want to outsource this, the piling contractor is equipped to carry out every aspect of the ground preparations for any building.

Government Recognised

Underpinning buildings demands the very highest level of responsibility and knowledge, and any contractor who is not officially recognised as so, should be avoided. They might not be insured, and who knows what could go wrong? The British Drilling Association is a highly respected institution, and any company that is a member would only use best practices in all aspects of their work.

Quick Response

When a potential customer makes an enquiry into underpinning work, they don’t want to be told it will take months, and most efficient companies would be able to start the work within 4 or 5 days. Obviously, it makes sense to contact the contractor as soon as you know you will need him, and the more time, the better. A large contractor would have the resources to fit in a project at short notice, and once they make an agreement, you can be sure the work will be completed on time, and to budget.

Many people are blissfully unaware of how much work is involved with ensuring buildings remain stable, and this underground work can easily be sourced online.