What is an Answering Service and what is it used for


Many businesses have with time come to cultivate a hot and cold relationship with their telephone services. The providing of telephone access to the public will result in both an increase in sales and efficient communication with clients, but it also means the need for professional employees to administer the extra workload.

Businesses may not be able to operate 24/7, but the phone companies never rest and this is exactly where professional answering services can fill a much required niche in their business operations.

In the Beginning

The earlier kinds of answering services concentrated mostly on message taking for clients after normal working hours or during holidays. Doctors or solicitors would make use of an answering service to manage any emergency calls over a weekend, for example.

Such answering service providers would accept any transferred calls from a client’s business line and typically provide their limited services as supervisors.

  • Any vital calls might be sent through to a contact phone number, whilst any others would be politely asked to call any clients directly when they had returned to their office.

This is the Modern World

And here we are today where business telecommunication services have advanced so far, that the role of a modern answering services has also drastically changed.

  • Companies are now ‘farming out’ a lot of their regular incoming call traffic to skilled phone receptionists who are trained to comprehend their set up.
  • Take for instance, calls for work references, they can be administered by answering services who have access to human resource data.

Any kind of after-hours sales orders can be carried out by way of a specially customised computer programme with particular catalogue data.

A Big Helping Hand

As is becoming very apparent in the world of small businesses, professional answering services can also help smaller companies to organise short term cover for your business whilst on holiday this summer.

  • They can also help to make any company seem to be a lot larger than what they really are.

The experts at the answering services company can sometimes be listed as members of a client’s business. Rather than going ahead and hiring additional sales reps or a receptionist(s), the smaller business might suggest that any callers ask for ‘Beverly or Ray’ at a pre-arranged toll free number.

Any customers would never be aware that Bev and Ray really are employed by a renowned answering services company.

Custom Designed for all Types of Business

Professional answering services can normally customise any plans, according to a client’s requirements. In some cases, a number of paid training sessions might have to be taken before the assigned workers can take over the phone lines.

Some answering services even go on to offer everything from phone messaging to despatch.

Anyone out there who is wishing to develop further their business, should do a little online research and check out what a company has to offer to make your business flourish!