What is meant by Industrial Painting

  • People whose profession it is to carry out industrial painting, can handle a range of painting work for larger type facilities, and involves the preparation, application, and after work clean-up.
  • Normally, an industrial painter will be contacted and consulted with and then offer a cost assessment for all of the work which will be undertaken, and after agreement will then professionally do the job from start to finish.
  • They will also assist in protecting any concrete and steel exteriors from the likes of corrosion and fire.
  • The coatings are usually manufactured from silicone, zinc, epoxy primers and polyurethanes.
  • During a normal work day, industrial painters will carry out professional work at a wide range of large facilities, and also at other projects where bridge painting is required.
  • The site’s chief foreman might or might not be painting, but will still be fully in control of the work site and look after worker safety.
  • Should there be different painting jobs on the go, the foreman may well have to move from site to site to watch over each job’s progress and give expert instructions.
  • Job Preparation

    • The painters must prepare for any job by properly cleaning all surfaces where the paint is going to be used.
    • This includes expert cleaning methods using things such as pressure washing and scraping.
    • They will skilfully sand down any wooden areas which are to be painted, and use various special treatments for other kinds of materials as in metal, glass, and plastic.
    • And importantly, the paint team will be held fully responsible for the cleanliness and keeping things in order at a work site during the course of the job.

    Scaffolding and Getting on With the Work at Hand

    • When the area has been professionally readied and cleaned, the industrial paint team will then be ready to move on and carry out the job.
    • You may often find in larger facilities, this will involve the use of special scaffolding and other types of working apparatus to ensure that the painters are able to get to every space on a wall and ceiling with paint.
    • On the larger type of painting assignments, the painting team will be making use of specialised industrial paint sprayers and other kinds of equipment, which are necessary on such occasions.

    Not Quite as Easy as it Might Seem

    • Work of this type requires the proper kind of knowledge and expertise, as it just isn’t like painting a garage door or garden gate!
    • Those who carry out this kind of skilled work will also have to be knowledgeable about different types and grades of paint, plus their properties, and what effect it can have on various kinds of surfaces.
    • On specific buildings, it may be necessary for the painting company to have specialist know how about the application of coatings and other types of treatments.

    They are also able to carry out various other projects that require industry-specific knowledge and ability, as in the case of the resurfacing of large equipment and/or items.