What Type of Automatic Door Repair Do You Need


If you are a business, you know that an automatic door is helpful for attracting a large number of customers. In fact, you need these types of doors installed if your business is regularly busy and has a good traffic flow.

Also, the law states that public buildings must now have a disabled access door. This door replaces the option of using permanently-open doors, something that was not welcome during the cold and blustery months of winter.

Automatic Door Styles

Automatic door repairs in Essex are made to an extensive array of automatic designs. However, a large number of repairs are made to automatic doors that either swing out to the side or open outwards. In school settings, sliding door are used to increase safety and avoid the mishaps that can occur from a swinging door design.

If you happen to need a repair for an automatic door, it is important to know who to call for the service. After all, you do not want customers to walk past your business because it does not offer easy access.

Repair Issues

Expert repair technicians can take care of some of the following repair issues:

  • The electronic sections and magic eyes, the parts that pick up movement, are malfunctioning.
  • The door is operating too quickly.
  • The door opens and shuts too slowly.

If you need a repair, it is usually made within 48 hours, ensuring that your door will be usable again in a very short time. Most repair specialists would rather fix a door if possible. When a door repair company believes that a repair is more affordable, a repair will be advised over replacement.