When to call emergency plumber at your workplace?


A plumbing system is a big necessity in both residential and commercial buildings and both need successful and effective functioning. If a commercial building faces a plumbing problem, it needs instant repair or replacement because it disturbs the business routine. The clogged toilet or a sewage backup may interfere with the smooth daily running of commercial place. Filthy sewage water or clean water both can cause severe damage to property and production material if left untreated. Any disturbance in plumbing flow can cause havoc and chaos. 

A plumbing system is no exception and can cause various problems as it is a very complex system. Many a time many plumbing problems can turn into emergencies. It is important not to neglect small plumbing issues at the initial stage which turn into bigger problems and damage may be irreversible. This negligence increases the tension, cost and damage.

Some common plumbing emergencies found in commercial areas are:

Dripping faucets

Although dripping or leaking faucets does not seem a big problem but sometimes, they fail to guess the root cause of the problem. Commonly a leaking tap is ignored but it is a big mistake. Besides wasting gallons of water per day, it may be leaking due to a larger problem. Taps may drip due to many reasons and common reason is that washer has become worn with usage and need replacement. The tap may need full re-seating or an ineffective O-ring or damaged gland.

It is better to call a plumber instead of doing it by yourself. A professional plumber knows how to identify the actual problem and how to do the repair having more experience. 

Blocked drains

A commercial place has heavy traffic of people using toilets. Hundreds to thousands of customers and staff use restrooms and toilets of the workplace during the day and may tend to block the drains. If there are rotten, unpleasant smell, slow draining sinks, overflowing toilets and gurgling sounds coming from toilets then it is an emergency. 

The grease, sanitary items and baby products block-up the drain lines. This issue can be resolved using a plunger but if the situation persists, it needs emergency plumbing to tackle it professionally. These professional techs are equipped with plumbing toolkit. 

At a commercial place, the owner needs to maintain the standard of hygiene in his toilets, for workers and customers. Drains should be cleaned properly to prevent such situations.

Burst pipes

Burst or broken pipes are surely an emergency situation and this situation arises due to frozen or rusty pipes. Water freezes in pipes cause extreme pressure, pipes expands and splits, causing leakage. 

Sometimes it becomes difficult to detect the actual place of water leakage but there may be a rotten smell, small patches of water and low water pressure or noisy pipes. Look out for these signs before it causes extensive damage and call plumber. 

Sewage backup

A sewage backup is a hazardous situation and can cause extreme damage. This is mostly due to tree roots, crushed pipes or blocked drains. 

Leaking appliances

There is a variety of appliances at a commercial place, which ranges from commercial washing machines to boilers to radiators. If any of them began leaking, get an emergency plumber to check and assess the cause of leakage to repair the machines before water damages the structure of building.