4 Reasons Whitelisting is Right for your Business


Whatever your chosen industry, be it manufacturing or the retail trade, you cannot operate without using digital technology. Your website, your critical customer data, and all of your financial records are streaming along the digital highway, vulnerable to attack by malicious code, and without adequate protection, you really are sticking your neck out, and the implications could be far reaching. As far as total data protection goes, application whitelisting is recognised as the most effective way to ensure that your data is never compromised, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

  1. Detect and Report – Your business might have a LAN, which, of course, is connected to the Internet, and the idea is to ensure that only known and trusted files are allowed to execute. The .exe extension of a file means it is executable, and any virus that intends to infect a computer – or network – must be activated in this way. The core concept of whitelisting applications is it only allows files that you authorise to open, and that gives you the ultimate control over everything. The easy to use interface can be configured to suit your needs, and with a little tuition anyone can monitor all the network.
  2. Minimal Use of Resources – If you are currently using a traditional blacklisting anti-virus program, you will already know just how much of your valuable computing resources are used. The blacklisting application will constantly be checking through all the files, looking for known viruses, and this really does tie up your CPU, which could be busy with other things. The actual application is very small, and with a simple installation, you are fully protected, and it always works silently in the background, and should a suspicious file want to execute, whitelisting will not allow it.
  3. Identify and Respond – Whitelisting applications allows you to really be in control, and as you are the one who creates the whitelist, you can be sure than nothing else can ever run. No matter the size of your company, you can monitor everything from your interface, and if you would like to know where a certain file came from, you can use the powerful tracking tools.
  4. Cost Effective – When compared to a traditional anti-virus program, whitelisting is very affordable, and it is the ideal solution for any sized business. You can purchase the program online, and once installed and configured, you have total protection. If you would like to know more about the advantages of application whitelisting, all it takes is an online search to locate an established provider.

More and more organisations are turning to whitelisting to provide their online data protection, and with so many benefits, it’s easy to understand why. If you have never thought about this side of your business, perhaps now is the ideal time to free up your IT resources by changing to whitelisting to protect your data.