Improve Your Air Quality With Dust Extractors


Every woodworker, from the backyard fanatic to the employee at a large company, knows that any work done with wood will result in a significant amount of dust and debris that is released into the air. This can make it difficult to breathe and can affect the health of all employees or people who are in the vicinity. The cutting and sanding dust can be tough to clean up and will remain floating in the air for a long time without the right kind of dust extractors and dust collectors. A quality system that is professionally installed in your space is sure to improve the air that you breathe and will keep everyone healthy while they work. Discover the dangers of wood dust on this website.

The Importance of Extractor Systems

Most professional companies know that the most essential piece of equipment that they can have in their building is not an expensive new saw or planer, but rather an extractor. Not only will having a quality extractor system installed at your location improve the health and breathing ability of everyone in your shop, but keeping small particles of dust from floating free in the air will be beneficial when you reach the finishing stage of your project. It can be challenging to stain wood with dust particles landing on everything, as this will make the finish tacky and bumpy.

Also, a great extractor system keeps fine particles from building up on your expensive machinery, being sucked into fans, and piling up on the floor. While these issues may seem like they are just unsightly, they can also create a fire hazard in your space. Some companies even write it into their warranty that the warranty will be voided if the equipment is used without an extractor system.

Safety and Selection

It is imperative that no matter how massive your operation is or what kind of system you think you need, you work with a quality company like Wood Waste Control for your extractor system and filter needs. Not all systems are made the same, but a reputable company will ensure that their products meet the highest safety standards. Static electricity can quickly build up in extractor equipment, and this can discharge as a spark, putting you and everyone else in danger. While a fire is rare, it’s vital that you take all necessary steps, such as grounding your system, to ensure your safety.

It can be tricky to select the right system for your needs, which is why professional advice is handy. The experts can advise you on the following:

  • What size unit you need
  • How large the waste capacity should be
  • What your future requirements will entail

While you may think that it’s more important to have high-quality machinery for you to be able to complete your woodworking projects, even more, important than that is a quality dust extractor system. Not only will it help you get a smooth, beautiful finish on all of your products, but it will lower the risk of a fire in your building and help keep workers as healthy as possible. If you have ever breathed in the dust-laden air of space without an extractor, then you know just how important this piece of equipment is.