With so many mutual funds available in the market, selecting a mutual fund for your investments can become quite a task until you know certain differences. One such difference is between growth and dividend options available in mutual funds.

In growth option, you are not paid out any profits made by your underlying investments in mutual funds. The profits here are reinvested. In dividend option, a part of the profits made by the underlying investments is paid out to the investors. Growth and dividend mutual fund of a given fund house perform at par, but what separates these two is what is done with the profits and this ultimately impacts the NAV (net asset value).


Profit reinvestment in case of a growth option increases the NAV resulting in capital appreciation. In the case of dividend option, when the mutual fund house makes some profit, the NAV first rises, and then a part of the profit is paid out to the investors. The NAV then reduces by the amount paid out to the investors per unit. After dividend distribution, the new investments in the mutual fund are accepted at the ex NAV rate.

Reinvestments of profits in case of a growth option has a compounding effect since your initial investment, as well as the returns, start earning more returns. In the case of dividend option, since a part of the profit is paid out to the investors, compounding effect is not at its full potential.


The growth as well as the dividend option of a given mutual fund house perform at par. This basically means that the fund performance remains the same irrespective of the option you choose. What differentiates them is what they do with the profits. In case of growth option, you can realize the gains only on selling the units. In the case of dividend option, there are 2 ways through which you can realize your gains. First is through the dividends that you receive and the second is on selling the units. By selling the units, you will get profits which were not paid to you via the dividend.

People looking for capital gains over the longer period and not looking for periodic income should go for the growth option and people looking for periodic income like retirees etc. should go for dividend option. Also, if someone wants an additional or side income can go for the dividend option.


The taxation of growth, as well as dividend options of a mutual fund, is the same. If your mutual fund is an equity mutual fund, and if you hold on to your investments for less than a year, your gains are taxed at 15%. If you hold on to your investments for more than a year, your gains are not taxed. If your mutual fund is a debt mutual fund and if you hold on to your investment for less than 3 years, the gains are taxed according to your tax slab. If you hold on to your investments for more than 3 years, your gains are taxed at 20% but after indexation. The dividends are tax-free in the hands of the investors. The mutual fund has to pay a dividend distribution tax in case of a debt fund which is around 28% of the actual amount paid to the investors. In the case of equity mutual funds, there is no dividend distribution tax. Also, the dividends are paid out only when the mutual fund makes some profit.


So the factor that ultimately influences your decision when you want to choose between a growth and a dividend option of a mutual fund is your need. If you are looking for periodic income as well as moderate capital appreciation of your investments, you should go for dividend option. And in case you are not looking for periodic income from your investments but looking for capital appreciation alone, you should go for the growth option.


Urgent Loans from Qbera – Immediate Credit for emergencies

An urgent loan is an unsecured loan that is offered to salaried and self-employed individuals by Fintech lending institutions and P2P lenders. Private banks offer this loan product too – but take at least 7-8 business days to process your loan application and disburse your loan amount. If you are looking for an urgent loan in India to tide over a financial emergency, approaching a Fintech lender such as Qbera is the best idea, as you can get your loan amount within 24 hours.

How to get an urgent loan in India from Qbera

The process of applying for an urgent loan from Qbera is extremely simple – it is as easy as ordering food online. Let’s look at how you can get an urgent personal loan from Qbera in a few simple steps.

  • Visit the website – and fill out your personal and professional details. Note that you will have to provide your KYC information as well.
  • Using the PAN Card you provided, Qbera’s proprietary risk-assessment algorithm will evaluate your eligibility and determine if your profile meets the internal credit norms.
  • Once your profile is assessed and you’ve successfully met Qbera’s internal credit norms for an urgent loan, you will receive instant approval, and then be redirected to a page where you’ll have to upload your documents.
  • Proceed to upload your salary slips and your bank statements for the last 3 months. You can upload your bank statements online by logging in to a secure web channel through your internet banking credentials. Your bank statements are automatically obtained and evaluated.
  • Once your documents are verified, you will receive a customized loan offer – the loan offer will reflect your sanctioned loan amount. The sanctioned loan amount might not be the exact amount you’ve requested for – various aspects such as your credit score, repayment history, employer reputation, age, income and monthly debt to income ratio are assessed.
  • An executive will visit you to collect copies of your KYC documents and cheque leaves from your salary account. You will also be required to submit your passport sized photographs.
  • After your document submission, you will receive your loan amount within 24 hours.

Repayment tenures and Interest rate on Urgent Loans from Qbera

  • The repayment tenures stretch from 6 months to 60 months for personal loans from Qbera.
  • Interest rates range from 10.99% p.a. and stretch up to 30% p.a.
  • The interest rate for individuals is different and Qbera uses the risk-based pricing model to determine the interest rate on loan applications.
  • Loan amounts range from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 25,00,000.
  • You can apply for a top-up loan after 9 months of making repayments.

Eligibility criteria for urgent loans in India from Qbera

  • You should be salaried with a minimum net monthly income of Rs. 18,000 and a minimum credit score of 600.
  • You should not have default payments for the last 12 months. Any instances of defaults will jeopardize your chances of getting approved.
  • You should be employed with your current company for a minimum period of 3 months (income documents for the last 3 months need to be submitted).
  • For your emergency loan to be approved, you must be at least 23 years old and not older than 55 years of age.


Wealth Management Products – Do You Even Need Them

Keeping your money in the bank isn’t going to make it grow over time miraculously. Instead, if you have amassed a decent amount of savings in your bank account, there are plenty of other ways by which you can make it grow. Putting your money to work for you is the best way to make it expand, with very few people realising that. Merely hoarding cash in the bank is never going to make it grow, and it’s vital that you use the many wealth management products offered by banks all around the country to help your savings grow.

The wealth management products of a Malaysia bank are highly revered in the local industry and offer you a plethora of flexible options that you can use to make your savings grow. Wealth management products are offered by numerous banks all over the country, though many people are still sceptical about whether they need them or not. Here are some of the types of wealth management products that you can buy today.


There are a host of different investment products that you can buy if you want to meet your investment aims. One of the most common products available nowadays is the dual currency investment, which takes advantage of the ongoing movements in the currency markets to provide investment opportunities to the people. This investment product is relatively safe and offers conservative people a decent return, proving to be a very viable option for them. Other products include investing your money in retail bonds or unit trusts to generate a steady income.


Many banks also offer a plethora of financing products to their customers as well. These are mainly designed to allow people to inject a decent amount of cash into their savings. For instance, if you are interested in purchasing a new house, you can take advantage of one of these financing products to realise your dream. One of the most popular products available today is the housing loan, which allows people to buy the house of their dreams. Other financing products include the Overseas Property Financing loan or getting an overdraft against your shares, your investments or any other insurance product that you may have purchased in the past.


Some banks now offer fixed deposit products as well, allowing you to put in money steadily into your bank account and then get a higher return later on. Fixed deposit products are designed to help you save a considerable amount of money on the side and then take advantage of the interest rates offered to maximise your savings.


An Overview About Auto Finance And Their Different Options

Their Caravan Finance Osborne Park gives you superb arrangements that will help you to get your fantasy vehicle, whether you need an auto, watercraft or motorbike. They work in advances for any money related circumstance, regardless of whether it is great or awful with broadened advance periods. Besides there are the office of low doc advances furthermore credits for the individuals with short of what immaculate credit. Other than of this you can even get your budgetary house in place by giving an exhibit of extra administrations. They are having practically devoted group and neighborly environment that conveys quality administrations.

There you will feel more secure and discover an accomplished group of fund advisors. The group of specialists has been constantly prepared and eager to give you secure financing, whether it is close to home or business prospects. Their Novated lease CBD is the best and very nearly offering that will help you in both great and awful circumstances with accomplished monetary specialists.

Watercraft account Osborne park is additionally a standout amongst the most famous fixate that concentrates on discovering the advance that is bound to superbly fit your budgetary circumstance. They do have the qualified environment to do so. Over numerous years of experience, they have fabricated a truly solid connections that will help you to get the best arrangement conceivable. With their operable administrations you can be guaranteed about your future and in any basic circumstance when you require cash then you can undoubtedly get the best monetary backing from their masters. Moreover you can likewise have the Motorbike Finance help that will permit you to have the most alluring bicycle you need for your life and additionally comfort.

To get their selective and unique strong administrations you can undoubtedly arrive on to their site, their callings are agreeable and are spontaneous in clearing all your issues and inquiries. So you can don’t hesitate to contact them and get the best administrations for your lifetime.

There are numerous individuals who need to claim a vehicle, yet the main issue is fund. The majority of the vehicles normally autos have high stickers. Shockingly not everybody can stand to buy their own particular four wheeled due to the expense. Hence the individuals take vehicle fund administrations, there are strategy of getting car back that varies one organization to an alternate. They are a standout amongst the most presumed vehicle account administrations giving organizations.


A Look At Millennial Money Habits

The financial habits of the millennials (born in the eighties and nineties) are shaped by the effects of the Great Recession, the Eurozone crisis, abysmal student loan debts and a poor job market. The millennial money habits, very expectedly, oscillate between marked conservatism in investment habits and delusional optimism. We will explain more.


Considering the conservative side, one can draw immediate comparison between the financial tendencies of the millennials and that of those who were a part of the “Great Depression” workforce. Accenture conducted a study which actually revealed that 43% of the millennials admitted that they were conservative investors. Another study revealed that around four in ten million millennials were in favor of investing in cash.


On the other hand, we have the YOLO (You Only Live Once) generation which says that they don’t have any plans of spending less in 2016 though they wished they had more savings. 3 in 10 million of the millennials don’t have savings accounts as well.


The reason why the millennials cannot save is because they have crushing student loans as well as credit card loans. Post 2008, the education costs had started growing at an unprecedented rate, thereby leaving students grappling with insurmountable debts. They paid because they had grown up listening that there is no hope without a college degree. With the economy crashing, many of the younger millennials witnessed their older generation being laid off. Their parents suffered pay-cuts and unemployment. Social milestones like home ownership and marriage were delayed as there was a rush among the younger millennials to appear for the entry-level job exams like LSAT and GMAT. Needless to mention, they weren’t yet ready to take on the late twenty-somethings in these examinations.

According to a Bank of America’s Better Money Habits Millennials Report, 80% of the millennials thought that they would have a better financial future than their parents- though most of them were still living from paycheck to paycheck.

The impact of debt is so deep-rooted that there are experts who even end up thinking that debts will define this generation. The best credit card consolidation loans turn out to be a godsend for most of the borrowers in such a scenario. Debt specialists work systematically to resolve credit card debts and help customers identify flaws in their finance management techniques. However, the problem lies in the fact that debtors, mostly, land up with insurmountable debts just a few years after getting rid of their initial debts even after promising to get rid of their outrageous spending habits.

However, according to the findings of some studies, the millennials have emerged as better money managers than baby boomers. As per the survey conducted by T Rowe Price- around 75% of the millennials, thus interviewed, said that they are better with tracking their money as against the 64% percent of the baby boomers who had said the same thing. 66% of millennials also maintained that they are good at sticking to a budget as against 55% of the baby boomers.


What’s The Difference Between A Recourse and Non recourse Loan

Understanding the Idea of a Recourse Loan

The factor that helps to define this type of loan is that the lender who offers this type of arrangement is in a position to seek control of any of the borrower’s assets if he or she should default on the loan. Thanks to this provision, the lender does not have to worry about possibly losing anything, even if the borrower stops making payments for any reason.

With the recourse loan, the first thing the lender will do after the default is attempt to work out some type of arrangement with the debtor. If those attempt fail, the next step is to call the loan due and then seize control of any asset that was declared as collateral for the debt. When the lender is able to sell that asset for enough to completely cover the outstanding debt plus the expenses associated with the collection process, the matter is considered settled in full.

If selling the secured asset does not cover the total expense, then the lender has the legal right to petition the court for access to more of the debtor’s assets. For example, if the original loan was obtained as part of a real estate investing strategy and the property must be sold at below the remaining balance due on the loan, the lender can then seek to secure access to another piece of property that the debtor owns free and clear.

Like many other states, the laws in Utah help to define the nature of assets that a lender can claim in order to settle a debt. An attorney can advise the lender of which assets are most likely to be acceptable to the court, given the amount remaining on the debtor’s account.

How Does a Loan with No Recourse Work?

This type of loan can also include the pledging of collateral at the time the loan is secured. The difference is that the lender is limited to only being able to seize the declared asset if the debtor should default on the loan. If the lender is unable to sell that seized asset for enough to cover the outstanding debt, then it is necessary to write the remainder off as a loss.

For the borrower, this means that once the asset used as collateral is in the hands of the lender, that is the end of the financial arrangement. The borrower has no more financial obligation to that lender.

What to Expect with Each Type of Loan

Loans that do not include some type of recourse option for the lender to exercise typically come with higher interest rates and will require the borrower to have a higher credit rating. This is because loans of this kind present a greater risk to the lender. Since the market value of any asset can depreciate over time, the inability to seize control of additional assets increases the chances of losing money if the borrower does default.

Even with something like a mortgage, it is not always a sure thing that the value of the real estate pledged will increase in market value over the years. For this reason, many lenders typically include a recourse provision in their mortgages as a way of protecting their interests.

The Impact on the Borrower

The inclusion of a recourse provision is also helpful for the borrower. Along with being able to obtain lower interest rates, the fact that the lender can seize other assets in order to fully settle the debt will cause less damage to the credit rating in the event of a default. This is because lenders are more likely to submit comments to the three major credit reporting agencies that the debt was eventually settled in full. When there is no recourse provision, those comments will likely reflect the fact that the debt was not settled in full.

To weigh the pros and cons of each approach, it helps to consult with professionals like those at Madison Group Funding. With their help, you can explore the various loan options open to you, and the kind of commitment that comes with each. This will help you determine how to go about securing the loan that serves you well in the years to come.

Loans come with all sorts of provisions. Perhaps you have lately become aware of the concept of non recourse loans versus recourse loans. The difference between the two is very easy to grasp.


What Precautions You Need To Take Before Taking Instant Cash Loans

Look at Cheaper Interest Rates

Cheaper interest rates can lessen your burden actually. Contact lenders directly so as to get cheaper interest rates and also to avoid additional fees such as commission.

Read Terms and Conditions Thoroughly

There are possibilities that you would not be able to repay the loan amount, hence it is necessary to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before choosing the lender to avoid further issues. You can go for an internet search to know numerous lenders and also compare their terms and conditions and interest rates. This way you would be able to choose a feasible financial assistance during emergency situations.

Look for Hidden Charges

Many people don’t know what APR and EAR means. Well, understanding both terms are significant to avoid hidden charges and take meaningful decision. Know the exact amount that you have to pay back to the lender excluding all hidden charges. Check your bank account status to enable yourself easily approved for an instant cash loan without any documentation. If you are looking for the best courier service in the town, Courier point is here to help you!

Make sure that you know what you are signing and the amount you have to pay back. On the other hand, many cash advance loan companies are providing cash loan to their employees. Most of them do not go for any credit checks and process the loans the day they receive application. However, instant cash loans are imposed with a higher interest rate because they are not traditional loans.

There are hundreds and thousands of instant cash loan lenders in your area to choose from. Moreover, you can find many institutions running online and offer cash loans during emergencies. You have to choose the most reliable and reputed service provider after checking the above things and also contact some of their previous clients to know how they have been dealt by the company.

It is a reality that many people are running short of money towards the end of every month. The reason could be lack of perfect planning, or some immediate and unexpected bills or events. This is where instant cash loan providers come at your rescue! Also called as cash advance loans, these loans are given for short terms and through your bank account. There are some important things or precautions you must take before applying instant cash loans.


Want to refinance a loan? Here’s what to watch out for

For many of us, refinancing a loan seems to be the only way by which we can still pay interest rates. An alternative to it could be trying to get a loan from a private lending company like easy-go. However If you decide to refinance a loan, remember that the new loan must be cheaper, that involve lower costs than the old. Otherwise, refinancing is not justified. The first ting to be done is to calculate the annual percentage rate (APR) – Annual percentage rate must be less than that paid on the old loan and must be valid for the entire period of the loan, not just during any promotions offered by the bank.

Pay attention to collateral value – collateral value (in the case of a housing loan mortgage) should not be decreased so much that it does not cover the loan amount. Usually, banks require mortgage value representing around 130% of the credit. If the mortgage is lower, you can appeal to an additional warranty. Your income must pay indebtedness – Income must be at least the same level as when the loan was old, especially if it is desired to decrease the cost of borrowing. Now banks are very restrictive in terms of total loans, so are not likely to get loan due to a very high level of debt. In this case, you can call a debtor co-payers or if the bank accepts it.

Beware of the fees – Costs for refinancing can be quite high for certain banks. The most important commissions one should keep in mind are the early repayment of the new loan granting fee and other fees such as enrollment in the electronic archive for valuing real estate collateral, notary fees, insurance, etc. In what currency you refinance – Currency of the new loan is extremely important, especially when it comes foreign currency, and that due to currency risk. It occurs when the currency depreciation against the currency.

Calculate the total cost of credit – total cost of credit is important to calculate both when granting and the end. APR is the total cost includes not only interest but also all related commissions. Annual Percentage Rate helps us to compare different offers refinancing of the same type, the same amount repaid over the same period. It is good to know that the monthly rate will be reduced by the repayment period will be higher. But you have to take into account the fact that the higher repay a loan over a longer period of time, the more you will pay more in the end, because the interest rate will be higher. Pay attention to efficiency – As refinancing to be effective, all costs incurred by the customer must then recovered through cost savings achieved. Dividing the cost of refinancing the amount saved (the difference between the current rate and refinancing rate after) gives the refinancing payback period in months. Only after this period the customer will feel the benefits of refinancing. As said earlier you can also consider a private loan provider company like easy-go for a hassle free and quick loan approval.


The Best Options For Getting Assured Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans

Willing to buy your dream motorcycle? The answer to most of such questions should be positive as motorcycle is no more a means to show richness. In today’s world, buying a motorcycle has become a real life requirement. You can get bad credit motorcycle for making your dream come true and also to meet your essential need comfortably. However, it is true that finding the right lender is the most important part of the story here and that is where you would need to concentrate. You must be careful enough to avoid high rates of interests as most of the lenders usually charge interests at higher rates.

In case you are willing to get the right bad credit motorcycle loans as early as possible, then you can find the following ways very good and they can bring you your loan fast and easy:

Online Loans for Motorcycles:

This has been the most popular way of getting bad credit motorcycle loans as the online lenders have been slightly more flexible in granting the loans. You can find the lenders of online loans on the Internet and that is why you can make a fruitful research. You would be needed to spend some time for the research work so that you can get more options to choose the best option. Such a lender can bring you the right loan product that you can avail easily. You need not reach these lenders with the help of a middlemen or brokers as it can create you more financial burden as they charge quite heavily for brokerage.

Local Credit Unions:

Apart from banks and other lenders, most of the progressive cities have credit unions that help the members financially. If you are a member of such a credit union, then you can apply for motorcycle loans with them and here, your credit score does not make any problem for you as credit unions seldom look for such technical things.

Dealer Loans:

At present, most of the motorcycle dealers are well aware of the financial problems that can create problems for their business. To counter such a situation, they collaborate with the private lending companies or agencies to offer bad credit motorcycle loans for their probable buyers like you are. Things are settled donw right on the spot by the representatives of the dealers and lending companies and you can get the loan without any real worries.

Local Banks:

Local banks can be a reliable source for getting loans of all kinds including motorcycle loans. However, it is true that the traditional or government-undertaking banks seldom approve bad credit motorcycle loans and that is why people need to rely upon the facilities available with the private banks who process all types of loans even if you do not have a good credit score.

Midst all such loan options, you should not forget about the utilities of online loans as these loans have the right facilities that can suit everyone’s need of getting fast money. It is good to mention that these lenders of online loans maintain better success stories for these loan options.


How You Can Get The Best Deal On Your Personal Loan

Personal loans are straightforward loans that allow you to borrow certain amount and pay off the debt in simple monthly installments over a specific period of time. Neither does it require any collateral or involve complicated process. So, it is the most preferred form of loan you can take. But, how do you know whether you are getting the best deal on your personal loan in Chennai or not. The bank where you have a savings account may not be providing the best interest rates, whereas some other financial institution may be offering an incredible deal on personal loan. How do you find out which one is suitable, so that you can make the most of the deal you select?

In order to judge a deal of personal loan, it is better to compare that with the deals offered by other banks and financial institutions. Today, this comparison is easy to make with several online tools and websites that allow you to compare personal loan interest rates in Chennai and other Indian cities in few simple clicks. Once, you have details of different personal loans provided by various financial organisations such as interest rates, duration of repayment and documents required you can clearly make an informed choice; a choice you will not regret.

Even banks and financial organisations today, have become choosier when selecting customers to lend money. They will take a look at your credit score and evaluate your chance of securing a personal loan with them. A bad score will definitely act as a hurdle in your way, as the interest rate for your loan can get too high for you to borrow or the entire deal refused altogether. So, this is one step you need to take care of. Ensuring you have a good credit record will help you in numerous ways.

Usually, personal loans can be repaid over a period of three or five years. Evaluating how much you can pay on a monthly basis will help you to determine which timeframe suits you most. If you have any other loan, which you are also simultaneously paying, then the timeframe increases. So, careful judgement of each aspect is extremely crucial when taking such a decision. Only when you know your requirements and have details of various deals in your hand, you can sit back and compare the loan details. It is only a duly done comparison that can help you in selecting the best deal on offer.

If you do ample research on products you buy before making your big purchase, why not apply the same logic in case of loans too. Well-researched and compared decision can only result in great selection of the loan provider, which in turn will act beneficial for you.

Regardless of how much you save, when it comes to big purchases there are times when it becomes difficult to pay. It may be a new wardrobe or making the first down payment for your car, having ready cash is not always easy. These are times when a loan can help. Shortage of money can be managed with credit cards when it comes to small purchases; however, it becomes immensely difficult when a large payment is due. Although, there are various ways to manage, the easiest and quickest solution to avail is applying for a personal loan.