How a Bespoke Control Panel System Can Improve Your Business


The food and beverage and manufacturing industries are worth millions of pounds in profit every year but it is a sector that is vulnerable to economic instability and the quality of in-house systems. These are highly automated and computerised industries that also offer a high degree of customisation and control; however, this comes at the cost of complexity and expensive maintenance.

Leveraging the Power of Bespoke Control Panels and PLCs

Automated manufacturing lines provide the following benefits:

  • Speed of production
  • Scalability
  • Cost savings

The problem is that these systems are also expensive to maintain and incur additional costs when control processes need to be changed, reprogrammed, or switched. A quality control systems integrator company in Peterborough can help to make these things a lot easier.

Such a company can do the following:

  • Design, manufacture, and install custom PLCs and OEM kits that are fully compatible with existing factory designs
  • Configure and program manufacturing line solutions that include ladder logic systems and sequence operations
  • Support a wide range of terminals, interfaces, and OEM systems

Cost Savings

It is crucial that any food and beverage or manufacturing company is able to pivot to meet demand and is agile enough to adapt to changes. The heart of these companies is the control processes that power their automated manufacturing lines. Saving money on maintenance and being able to depend upon a bespoke control panel and PLC service is a great way to save on costs.