Signs of Mice and Rats


Sometimes homes or other buildings can become a hiding place for unwanted critters. There are some things that you would prefer to have stay outside. Mice and rats are some of the most invasive animals that can be present in a home. They are small enough to hide, come out at night, and get into food. While they usually stay away from humans, they can ruin food and leave bacteria-filled excrement behind. There are a few things you may notice if you have mice or rats.

Unusual Noises

At times you may notice some odd noises in and around your home or office. Even urban areas can be home to flourishing wildlife, at times. Some critters, however, are considered pests once they invade your home. The noise of mice and rats can be recognised by some key factors. When you need to know what you are dealing with, look for these signs:

  • Sounds of scurrying at night (these animals are nocturnal)
  • Squeaking
  • Light scratching in the walls or attic

Torn Packages

Rats and mice like to get into packages. A tell-tale sign of their presence is open food packages, or nibbled-on food boxes. They are often looking for food throughout the night, and choose snacks from your pantry to satisfy their cravings. In an office setting, this might be a main indicator. With no one there at night to hear the noises, you may have to depend on signs seen the next day. You can rely on commercial pest control in Bradford for help with these issues.

When rats or mice are present, it can be difficult to keep things clean and store food properly. These critters often nest in the walls, causing a large group of them to be present at one time. A proper best company knows how to remove them from the premises.