Unleash The Hidden Power Of IP GeoLocation In Your Marketing Strategy


Being in business in today’s world, you need to keep up with the technology that is available, whether it is the field of marketing, finance or sales. Shoppers are taking the plunge into the latest technology to enable them to choose where they should shop for local services and goods. By using their computers or smartphones, they can view your website and see what you have to offer. But many times, numerous businesses keep presenting their online consumers with a single “one size fits all” approach to their web activities and subsequently pass up the chance to make immediate connections with a local audience. One answer is to take advantage of the hidden power contained in an IP Geolocation Marketing strategy.

What is IP Geolocation Marketing?

Geolocation technology makes it conceivable to find out the approximate physical location and the type of connection made by visitors to your website by using their IP address. It allows distributors, eCommerce businesses, promotional companies, and others to serve up content custom-made to the user’s area. This means, essentially, that if your visitor is using a desktop computer, the location could be as general as the continent, the country, and perhaps the city where the device is. If, however, the user is taking advantage of the technology contained within a smart-phone, then the built-in GPS system can show you within a few yards the actual location.

GeoLocation can help businesses do better marketing

So How Can IP Geolocation Marketing Help My Business?

Several companies take the information gleaned from IP Geolocation and gear their website to suit the visitor. For example, your system discovers that an online shopper’s IP address is located near the Great Lakes. Your website could, if programmed correctly, display goods and articles suitable for that climate, rather than showing your latest line in beachwear. Similarly, if the IP shows origins in Germany, then have your website automatically switch to a German-language version impressing the visitor who in the past would have to select a translation icon to be able to read the content.

How to Target Specific Customers with Geolocation targeting.

Businesses that understand the significance of personalization, speed, and comfort in the world of today, are better positioned for the long haul. Device IP Geolocation can enable businesses to provide their customers with real-time information regarding their inventory based on the customer’s whereabouts. There is absolutely no point in showing a visitor a website which states you have a particular item in stock, when they are parked outside a store in, for example, Florida, which doesn’t carry that item. If you utilize the Geolocation system properly and it is integrated into your websites, then when the Florida customer logs on, they will see up to the minute inventory and not have to waste their time hitting a “select another branch” button to find the nearest store to get whatever they are interested in.

Geolocation and Geotargeting systems can help your business be successful and gain satisfied customers.