The Parts of your Business that can be Ran Online


Would it not be a great idea if you could run all or some of the business online? Many aspects of a business are already online and several departments use the internet to keep records and the like.

The Human Resources (HR) department is one section of the business that is at the forefront of any company’s operations. It is where all the requests for annual leave takes place and there are many other important decisions and operations that take place in this part of the office.

Some departments in the business believe the HR department is there to sort out holiday requests, record sickness levels and introduce new starters or see off leavers with a severance or leaving package. But there is a lot more going on than that in HR.

Expense Receipts

Expense receipts are the nightmare of every filing clerk. These bits of paper are often bent, folded and illegible and have long been stored away in a fragmented fashion. Spreadsheets can be fragmented too. If they are not used with due diligence and correctly formatted they will quickly become unfit for purpose.

A Software Package Bringing Administration Duties to an End

Avantus HR has released a software package that can run the entire HR department via its cloud-based platform. Named Work Place One, it is a system of managing key data with regards to every single employee and can be accessed at any time of the day or night.

Moreover, anyone with authority to access the Work Place One database can do so from anywhere [providing a suitable Wi-Fi connection is available]. Workplace one is suitable for companies of any size. It is ideal for large corporations, medium-sized factories and small start-ups alike.

Record Keeping

Workplace one is simple to manage, easy to operate and highly intuitive. It drastically reduces the man hours spent on HR administration tasks like payroll, welfare tasks and record-keeping of holidays, absence and sickness.

Data Security and Integrity

There is a lot of worry in business and personal administration these days surrounding security. Workplace one has the highest encryption levels and is very big on integrity.

Workplace one acts as service platform and is available on the Cloud. There is no need to download an app to use this dynamic service and the software is easily compatible with smartphones and tablets.