What Are The Different Types Of Home Inspections?


When it comes to purchasing homes with veteran home loans Texas, working with home inspectors will help you check your future house’s defects and damage. If they see anything significant, they will refer you to someone who can diagnose and investigate the problem a bit further.

Take, for example; there’s wood damage in your future home. A home inspector will call a pest expert to check what’s causing the problem. Often, the specialist will provide you with several options for your repairs and offer you how much you should pay.


Old versions of chimneys don’t have any flue liners. Not only that but even the brickwork inside can be crumbling. However, a chimney inspector is also capable of ensuring that smoke is adequately discharged and the cap is repaired correctly.


A home inspector can tell if the electric box in the house is old enough that it does not comply with the city code. He can refer a good electrician who can tell you what brands are best to replace it including the prices and other disclosures. If you want to see if your electric panel is not recalled, you can Google its model number.

Lead-Based Paint

In 1978, lead-based paints were banned by the federal government. So you need to be careful with buying older houses and those that were built just after 1978. These may still have the lead. As such, you have the right to hire a certified contractor to remove these or get the house tested for any lead-based paint.

Heating and Air Conditioning

The heating and air conditioning in a house are critical. A home inspector will measure the different temperature reading from a furnace as low or an air conditioner and recommend a specialist.

Wood Damage

Finding wood-destroying critters in your house is frustrating. Having a pest inspection will let you know about dry rot, powder post beetles and termites.


A home inspector will tell you whether or not your home has a raised or slab foundation and even see any suspicious cracks. Also, a foundation engineer can tell you if your house’s foundation is already faulty or sliding.

Pool and Spa

Using your spa blower and heather, spa and pool experts can let you know the life expectancy of your unit. These specialists can also check your house for any leak. Often, you can find that pools are covered under home warranties without any additional cost.


The roof is one of the essential parts of a house. You have to get your very own roof if the home seller doesn’t pay for any roof certification. Ensure that the company is in business, reputable and have a claim. It’s best for you if your roof inspector doesn’t have a roof replacement business or else they’ll do whatever they can to convince you to get your roof replaced.

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Sewer and Septic System

Your septic tank and sewer inspection are crucial for a home. You might come across homes that are too old. They are not connected to any sewer system. With the help of modern inspection technology, a digital camera will be used to see the main line of your sewer.