The Rapid Development of Reverse Engineering


Reverse engineering is when you take with an original part, which might be a crankshaft or a hydraulic piston – and reverse the manufacturing process and recreate the part. This enables a business to have specific parts made, which can be a lot cheaper than than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which can also be difficult to locate at short notice. Since the arrival of Computer Numeric Control, or CNC as its known in the industry, components can be made to very precise specifications, and often at a lower cost, and if this isn’t enough, there are some reverse engineering outfits that take it one step further and can improve on the OEM.

The Arrival of Computer Technology

Engineering equipment has undergone rapid improvements, and by merging IT with machine management, extremely fine machining is possible, and by taking the original part and reverse engineering, you have a cost effective solution to the problem. There is affordable CNC machining in Perth, and they can reverse engineer just about anything, and even improve on it, should there be an issue.

Improved Durability

If it is at all possible to use different materials that will give the part a longer life, a reverse engineering expert could affect those changes, and the cost would still be less that the OEM. We must always remember that any component was once just a thought in a person’s head, and when the component was created, they used the best technology available at the time, and with today’s CNC abilities, it isn’t difficult to make some improvements, especially with durability in mind.

Reduce Running Costs

If you run a lot of heavy machinery, the maintenance and repair costs would likely be significant, and by forging an alliance with a good reverse engineering firm, you will not only reduce your outgoings, you will also have improved performance and durability. It is the goal of every business to reduce running costs, and when that is not the only benefit, it really makes sense to make the switch from OEM parts to reverse engineered solutions. This will have a positive impact on your business, and with a specialist engineering company in your corner, all your replacement parts are covered for a lot less.

Other Services

An established reverse engineering shop would be able to handle chroming, destructive and non-destructive testing, and a whole range of other applications, making for a one stop shop. Abrasive blasting would be another speciality, which is often required when replacing heavy machinery parts, and with plating and coating facilities, they can offer a comprehensive solution to your engineering issue.

Reverse engineering is only possible because of machine development, and with IT control, very fine tolerances can be attained, and accurate and consistent work is assured. If you would like to talk to such a company, an online search will lead you to their website, where you can learn more about what they do and with an online enquiry form, you can begin the process of saving on your operational costs.