5 Tips To Take Proper Care Of Your Refurbished Wooden Office Furniture


Buying refurbished wooden furniture for your office is one of the best financial decisions you can make as far as the interior decoration is concerned. Not only can you save a considerable amount of money but you can also buy some top range furniture you will not have been able to afford otherwise. Below, we look at five tips that can help you take good care of your refurbished office wooden furniture.

Clean It The Right Way

When cleaning your office wooden furniture, it is recommended that you use warm water. If the water is too hot, it can leave blemishes on the furniture surface. Plus, never soak the entire furniture in water. Instead, just wet a cloth and wipe your tables, chairs, etc. using it. There might be areas which can be too tough to clean. You can use a toothbrush clean such tight spots. Once the surface has been wiped clean, remove any residue of water clinging to the furniture using a dry cloth.  If you are buying the furniture from Facility Services Group, you can consult them as to how often the furniture needs to be cleaned.

Beware Of The Sun

Many people make the mistake of exposing their furniture to the sun for long periods of time. When a piece of furniture is exposed to the sun, the heat and sunlight will negatively affect its finish. And over time, it will lose its glossy finish and will start to look jaded and lifeless. Plus, the wood can also dry out which can cause it to shrink and crack, making your refurbished furniture useless.

Waxing Makes Your Furniture Shine

Once the furniture is cleaned, you can apply a paste wax on its surface. This will give it a beautiful shine and make it look attractive. Once you apply a coat, just run a soft brush over it twice with a break of 30 minutes in between. This should be good enough to make the surface look shiny and smooth.

Keep Sharp Objects Away

If you are lucky, you will be able to get furniture that does not have any scratch marks. However, keeping it that way can be difficult. To begin with, you must avoid putting any sharp objects on or in the vicinity of your office tables, chairs, bookshelves, etc.  For example, you should ideally not place a knife on your wooden table. If you take the knife and it falls top down on the table, it will cause a scratch mark on the surface of the table. So, be very wary of sharp objects.

Remove Hazy Spots

If you place anything hot on the furniture, say a cup of coffee or tea, you might see that it leaves a hazy spot on the surface. Though it may not look that bad, it is important that you remove the hazy mark as soon as possible to keep the furniture looking good. And an easy way to do it is to rub the area with a mix of baking powder and toothpaste. This should dim out the hazy spot and keep the furniture free from any visual defects.