Top 5 Trends That Will Drive Digital Marketing In 2018

Digital Marketing In 2018

The rise of digital marketing has been meteoric, with this form of marketing becoming the lifeblood of businesses of all types and sizes. Today, it has come a long way as the basic techniques such as SEO, PPC and SMM are no longer the only elements of digital marketing. It is been proliferated by cutting-edge technologies that come together to bring the most amazing user experiences. The year 2018 brings bright prospects for digital marketers as they have the opportunity to explore new realms. Here are the top 5 trends that will drive digital marketing in 2018:

Content marketing will be the buzzword

Content marketing is already running strong and it will become the mainstay of digital transformation of enterprises. Businesses will need to deliver value with content rather than just fill in blogs and websites for SEO. User-generated content such as testimonials and user reviews will gain attention as it elevates the trust factor and drives user engagement. Business will need to focus on building robust and result-oriented content strategies to bring in leads and conversions.

Video content will be the winner

Content visualization has been a rocking trend in 2017 and it is poised to get bigger in 2018. Better known as video content, visualization encompasses the use of compelling videos on the form of user guidelines, product descriptions, customer testimonials and more. Video content will be posted on the website itself as well as the social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The value of video content is immense as it is powerful and engaging.

Artificial Intelligence become real

Surprising as it may sound, artificial intelligence is all set to become real this year. In fact, reports have suggested that the AI-powered virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa will replace human customer support by 2020. Along with this, the use of image search and voice search technologies will become an integral part of websites and mobile apps. Together, these features will ease the customer experiences manifold, which translates into better results for digital campaigns.

Being mobile-optimized will be essential

In 2018, mobile optimization will become essential for all websites. A site that is optimized to run on mobile devices will be naturally pushed up to higher search rankings according to the Google’s new algorithm. Besides getting higher rankings, these sites give a seamless user experience irrespective of the devices they are being accessed from. Such websites get dual benefits of being more visible as well as extending their customer base by capturing the mobile audience.

Personalization will play a decisive role

Personalization will be the key to success of every digital campaign this year. Websites will have to harness the power of user data, in terms of search histories, consumer demographics and shopping preferences. The data can be leveraged to deliver personalized offers and shopping recommendations to the users to enhance their interest and get them to convert.

The success of your digital campaign greatly depends on following the latest trends. Having an expert partner such as can be the best way to launch a well-planned strategy that is carefully ideated keeping the latest trends in mind.